What Is a Shingle Roof?

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Asphalt roof shingles are considered the most common idea about roofing material whenever we think of roof replacement. But are you wondering “What is a shingle roof?”


In this article, Republic Roofing will elaborate on every aspect of shingle roofing in detail:

What Are Roof Shingles?

In most pitched roofs, roof shingles are laid in an overlapping fashion. As each successive roof strip is installed, it overlaps the previous one, mainly concerning the bottom edge. The term “shingle roof tile” can also be used for tile strips.

Roof shingles come in various shapes: rectangular, flat, horizontal, and square. The most common material for making shingles includes bitumen, white asphalt, wood, slate, metal, plastic, and stakes. Roof shingles are considered a vital part of every roof due to their unmistakable appearance. Moreover, shingle roofs are diverse due to the different colors and styles available.

Benefits of Roof Shingles

Underestimated lifespan

People mostly underestimate the lifespan of shingle roofs without knowing that shingles like three-tab and four-tab can extend their life span to a century or more thanks to advanced technology.

Quick and straightforward installation

The installation process of shingle roofs is very simple and does not show complexities in the installation process when followed by the proper instructions and the right material.

Moreover, the shingle installation process does not consume a lot of time and can be completed in at least three days, depending upon different factors, including project length and weather conditions.


The durability of asphalt shingles is impressive thanks to UV ray resistant material and non-rotting glass fibers. Moreover, the water-resistive features prevent water leakage from the roof.


The cheap cost of shingles with all these qualities makes them the best alternative to slate and concrete tiles. Homeowners usually prioritize bitumen tiles due to their fantastic price and budgeable features.

Common Types of Shingle Roofing

There are the following types of shingles available in the market depending upon their material:


Asphalt shingles are considered the most common and widely used due to their easy installation process, variety, colors, styles, and affordability.


Clay shingles are most prioritized due to their excellent life span, consisting of a hundred years or more. Furthermore, the fire-resistive property of clay makes it famous in the market.


Metal is the safest and most long-lasting roofing material available in different styles and colors. Recently designed metal roofing can mimic asphalt, slate, and other roofing material.


Wood shingles consist of tapered and thin wood pieces and provide a distinct appearance to your roof. They are only very preferable for some types of environments due to their fire-prone nature. Their life span consists of 15-30 years, depending upon the weather and material.


Rubber is considered a common and preferable material due to its being eco-friendly. The lifespan of rubber shingles can be up to 30 years or more, depending upon the installation process.


Properly installed slate shingles can expand their life span to 100 years or more. It is important to note that slate originates from silt or clay deposits found on seabeds. 

Choosing Roof Shingles

In addition to considering the material of the shingles, you must consider your personal preferences, durability, and other factors while choosing the shingles for your roof. 

There are the following factors that must consider while choosing the shingles for a specific property:


You must consider the environmental impact of the shingles before choosing them, including the carbon footprints and energy costs.

Sure, shingles can significantly reduce the cost of your electricity bills by insulating the house. Different roofing materials have various impacts on the environment.

Impact resistance

People living in extreme weather conditions must consider this factor while considering the roofing material. Hailing can cause significant damage and even break some roofing material, resulting in increasing the vulnerability of the roof.

Moreover, the damage resulting from hailing is not visible to ordinary people; only expert roofers can detect them. People living in the highly hail-prone area must consider the impact resistance of the shingles before choosing them.

Algae resistance

As roofs are exposed to all factors, including sun rays, wind, bacteria, and water, you must consider the algae resistivity of the roofing material. People living in the high-humidity area must consider the algae resistance factor before choosing the material for their new roof.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shingle Roofs

What is a shingle roof?

Like conventional asphalt shingles, shingle roofs consist of different layers placed on top of each other and protect the roof from outside elements.

How long should I expect my shingle roof to last?

The lifespan of the shingles varies between 15 to 20 years depending upon certain factors, including weather conditions, installation process, material, and others.

How do shingle roofs compare to other types of roofing?

It must consider that compared to other roofs, asphalt shingle roofs are lost-lasting, easy to install, and affordable alternatives.

How much does a shingle roof cost?

Shingles come in an affordable price range, and the price differs depending on the material and other factors. But on a safe note, shingles are budget friendly and suitable for most people.

How do I know if my shingle roof needs to be replaced?

Missing and broken shingles are the primary sign of damage, and leakage and water damage in the roof also indicate that roof replacement is required. Moreover, a proper inspection by professional roofers also provides excellent assistance.

Get Shingle Roofs Professionally Installed

A shingle replacement is an affordable and accessible process. Similarly, different budget-friendly and affordable options are available for getting new ones. A professional shingle roof installer will help you repair your roof, whether you have a flat roof or a pitched roof. Professional shingles roofers have years of experience and training that will ensure the job is done correctly.

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