Comprehensive Guide to Commercial Flat Roof System

Comprehensive Guide to Commercial Flat Roof System. The people might consider the flat roofs as an outlier because usually the homes these days are having steep pitches. However, the old houses present in the areas like Baltimore, or Virginia have roofs that are flat or have very low slopes. These kinds of roofs are very difficult to be replaced, so, the below-given detail will help you to get an understanding of this. 

 Comprehensive Guide to Commercial Flat Roof System

What is a Flat Roof?

Any roof that has a pitch of 1-10 degrees can be termed the flat roof. These roofs usually look horizontal but they incline around ¼ inch per foot. This will help the water to run off the roof instead of accumulating there. Let’s have a quick look at two terms.


It is the relationship between the vertical change in height of the roof to the distance across the roof.


This shows the link between the roof’s rise and run.

These two terms are basically what causes the runoff of water on the roof and avoid any kind of water puddles. However, their draining will be a bit slow as compared to the modern steep slopes.

Pros and Cons of Flat Roofs

These kinds of roofs are often used in commercial and industrial applications. However, let’s take a look at some of the flat roofing factors.

Structural Elements

Flats roofs play a great role in those buildings which are very tall that the steep slopes become impractical. The steeper slopes are difficult to design and maintain and some of the towns also have height restrictions and the business goes for the flat roofs. Some of the multi-family homes also have flat roofs.

Added Useable Space

Cooling and heating components are usually installed at the top of the building and the flat roofing system offers a good amount of space for such activity. This helps businesses to get better space in dense neighborhoods. 

Easier Inspection and Maintenance

When it comes to commercial buildings, they are inspected frequently and because of the flat roofs, that inspection becomes easy. But when it comes to residential homes, a pitched roof is a better option made up of asphalt shingles as people often forget to inspect their roofs, and pitched roofs need less maintenance.

Improved Energy Efficiency

The flat roofs can be energy efficient but it all depends on the location of the building. Sometimes at some places, homeowners are getting around 30 to 40 percent energy efficiency with the flat roofs. These days there is a product known as Atactic Polypropylene is used in some of the flat materials and it is an attractive option for people to go green.

Maintaining the Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are more prone to leaking and that is why they demand more and frequent maintenance. This is the issue for the homeowner; however, when it comes to commercial building owners, the properties are getting regularly inspected. This is why usually it is not recommended to the homeowners to go for the flat roofs.

Moreover, one of the problems that arise in the flat roofs for the homes is that the homeowners usually cause a delay in its inspection. The flat roofs need an inspection on regular basis and if that is not done, the roof will be damaged badly.

Types of Roofs

There are different kinds of flat roofs available, let’s take a look at them.

Built-up Roofing

This kind of roofing is being used in the commercial and industrial setup and this kind of roof contains many layers which makes it waterproof. This kind of flat roof system is still being used in residential homes but it is quite heavier than the usual roof, which could become a problem in the winter season.

Rubber Roofs

This kind of roofs is used in residential setups and usually, one of the layers of these roofs is made up of rubber and it is applied without heat. Rubber is waterproof and is easy to install, and adhesive metal straps ate used to secure the rubber roof system.

Modified Bitumen Systems

This is one of the most rapidly growing systems when it comes to flat roofs and these roofs use a special combination of coated basement layers to seal the roof instead. This system has a reduced installation time and it can be even treated by sealant even after its warranty expires.

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