Cool Roofing for Better Utility Bills

Cool Roofing for Better Utility Bills

Republic Roofing is here to help you understand how you can benefit from cool roofing for better utility bills during the summer. We know that Tennessee sunshine is inevitable but sweating our T-shirts off while at home might not be – and it doesn’t have anything to do with regular air conditioning.


Republic Roofing has provided stable roofing systems to residential clients for over a decade. The root cause of excess heat can sometimes be a homeowner’s roof, which is not even recognized!

In the summer, can a roof remain cool?

Our results depend on what we’re trying to achieve. Tennessee’s sunshine can’t be eliminated, and the roof can’t be completely cool. However, certain measures can be taken to improve the situation.

Install light-colored shingles

The problem with dark clothing in the summer isn’t just that black is a dull color. Black also tends to make people feel hotter. Because of this, we often find ourselves practically melting even when we’re wearing T-shirts and shorts.

Alternatively, light colors keep us cool by reflecting the sun’s rays. This holds for roofs as well. The shingles may reflect as much as 90% more sunlight if they are light-colored than a dark-colored roof. The result will be a much cooler, more comfortable home.

How about if your roof doesn’t have these shingles? We can always replace your roof if you need one or improve it if you need a few roofing repairs. By coating your roof with paint that reflects the sun’s rays, you can cool it down.

Opt for asphalt shingles

The roof was also constructed with materials that had to be considered. Certain shingles, like asphalt shingles, contain granules that reflect rays and naturally cool the roof. Due to the roof’s moderate temperature, it’s unnecessary to turn on nearly every cooling device in the house, which means a lower energy bill and more money to spend on other things.

Consider roof mist cooling systems

Despite their seeming impossibility, these kinds of systems seem to be able to protect their users from the scorching heat. The main task of a roof sprayer is to squirt water on the roof to evaporate. Our summer can be a bit more enjoyable while the roof cools down.

Consider creating a roof garden or creating some shade

Because most roofs do not allow such a garden, most homeowners do not even consider it. You can do it even on flat roofs, and it’s effective too. UV rays are absorbed naturally by plants, so they prevent your roof from getting too hot in the summer.

Creating some shade would also be a good idea. It is relatively inexpensive and good for the environment to plant a tree or two to keep the house cool. However, it is important to keep trees away from gutters. Leaves getting in there will cause another issue.

Install solar attic fans

In addition to providing quality roofing services, Republic Roofing is passionate about helping people maintain the quality and longevity of their roofs. You can do a few things about trapped heat, so it’s important to consider them.

Heat damages a roof one summer at a time, so a hot roof will not last if you wish. Therefore, solar attic fans may be one of the best options for hot roofs. With these fans, you can get rid of the excess heat on your roof and ensure that it lasts for years to come.

Heat isn’t the end of the world – there’s always a solution

It doesn’t matter how wonderful the summer is; we must keep our roofs over our heads as long as possible. To provide its clients with affordable roofing services, Republic Roofing strives not to compromise the quality of its work or add excessive paperwork to the process. 

In addition to repairing and replacing roofs, we have created new ones and developed innovative roofing solutions since more than a decade ago. If you need a reliable roofing contractor who will provide you with nothing but the best, you can contact Republic Roofing in Collierville, Bartlett, Germantown, Memphis, and Lakeland, TN at 901-437-5277 or schedule your free estimate on our contact page.