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    Residential Asphalt Roof Replacement in Memphis TN

    When it comes to residential asphalt roof replacement in Memphis TN we want you to think of Republic Roofing. Let a real roofing pro handle your residential asphalt roof replacement in Memphis, TN. At Republic Roofing & Restoration, we know the importance of properly planning a new roofing installation. Therefore, we will show you some useful tips, the whole process of roof installation, and checklists that will help to reduce minimize troubles during the roof installation.



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    Residential Asphalt Roof Replacement in Memphis TN: Proper Roof Install Techniques

    The first step is to receive the roofing material from a distributor. A Republic Roofing & Restoration representative will check if the distributor sent all the correct material. Next, we must ensure proper installation by following these tips:

    1. Tear Off Old Felt & Inspect the Deck for Rotten Wood.

    By removing the old roof, our roofing crew can inspect your roof’s deck in detail, looking for rotten wood. Roofers should replace any rotten wood. Professional roofers do not add layers of shingles on top of an existing layer of shingles. This is called an overlay, and at Republic Roofing, it is unacceptable. 

    1. Install Drip Edge Around the Eave & Rakes of Your Home.

    The drip edge’s purpose is to protect the eve of your home. It also kicks the water off the fascia board helping prevent fascia board rot.

    1. Install New Synthetic Roofing Felt.

    The felt should be over the drip edge at the eve of the house and under the drip edge up the gable edges. This ensures a watertight eve of your home. Synthetic felt is much stronger than old felt paper. Top local roofing companies like Republic Roofing only use high-quality products like the Owens Corning Rhino felt.

    1. Install a New Starter Course Shingle.

    The adhesive strip of a true starter shingle protects the home’s eve from rain and wind damage. The eve is the most vulnerable area of your roof and must be protected. The best strategy is to use a properly installed true starter shingle.

    A three-tab shingle turned backward does not have the adhesive strip to make a thermal seal. This is one many roofers will give you a lower roof bid.

    1. Install Ice & Water Shield.

    Every roofing replacement must include the installation of an ice and water shield. This waterproof shield is placed on the bare deck and around all penetration points like plumbing pipe boots, heater stacks, and valleys. Only your best Memphis TN roofers will do this step due to the extra cost. This is yet another way your roofer near Bubba or me in a truck will give you a lower bid as they are called in the industry. 

    Be leary of cheap bids. They are cheap for a reason. 

    1. Install Lifetime Asphalt Roofing Shingles.

    The proper way to install a lifetime roofing shingle is in a course. You never want to allow your roofer to rack your lifetime shingles. Racking a roof is going straight up the roof deck with the shingles. This is yet another deplorable roofing practice. Second, you must ensure your roofer places at least six nails per shingle in the nail line. This will give your lifetime roofing shingles must more strength. At Republic Roofing & Exteriors, we recommend the Owens Corning Tru Def Duration shingle with the patented SureNail line. You can get up to a 130-MPH wind warranty with the OC Duration shingle installed by a Platinum Preferred roof contractor like Republic. 

    1. Install True Hip & Ridge shingles.

    It is better to install a true hip & ridge shingle like the Owens Corning RizeRidge or DuraRidge hip & ridge shingle. A three-tab shingle is not made to bend but to lay flat on the roof deck. When you bend a 3-tab shingle to go over your hips & ridges, the shingle will crack. Over time this will worsen and eventually cause a roof leak. At Republic Roofing, we recommended Owens Corning products for a true lifetime roofing system. 

    1. Install Ridge Vent.

    Most people do not realize that proper attic ventilation is part of your roofing system. If your attic does not vent properly and lets the excess heat out, you will literally cook your roofing shingle from the bottom up. You can lessen the lifespan of the shingles by as much as 50% without proper ventilation. At Republic Roofing, we use the Owens Corning VentSure roof venting system.

    1. Paint Roofing Hardware.

    After the roof is fully installed it is time to paint your roofing hardware like plumbing pipe boots, and heater stacks. This will give your new roof an ascetically pleasing look. 


    Tips for Communicating with Your Roof Contractor

    Before your new roof installation, ask your roofing contractor the following questions.

    1. When Will the Shingles Arrive?

    Your new asphalt shingles & other roofing material should arrive the day of the install or a few days before the job start date. Ensure you are ready to receive the delivery of the shingles and ask your roofing contractor when they will arrive.

    2. Will You Be Covering My Flowers or Shrubbery?

    Falling debris may damage your plants and flowers during a new roofing installation. Talk to your contractor to define who will protect shrubs and flowerbeds. The Republic Roofing team always takes care of this detail.

    3. What is the Clean-Up Process?

    Every roof replacement project will leave many nails and a lot of roofing debris. So, after your roofing services, the Republic Roofing crew cleans up leftover shingles, loose nails, and job-related debris and puts it in a dump trailer.

    4. What is the Warranty on My New Roof?

    Ensure you understand your new roofing warranty terms. Make sure to ask whether you or the contractor would register the warranty.

    New Roof Installation: Pre-Work Checklist

    Use this checklist to prepare your home and family before the installation starts.

    1. Protect Your Pets

    Falling debris may hurt pets. Also, they can get in the way of contractors. So, to keep them out of the job zone is a good idea.

    2. Protect Your Property

    Move or cover valuable items in the garden, such as statues and planters. Likewise, move items off outer walls and interior shelves.

    3. Manage Gates

    Agree with your contractor on which gates you should leave open so they can access the property. Also, tell him what of them you want to keep closed to protect pets or kids.

    4. Make Special Requests

    Do you want roofers to have special care around a swimming pool pump? Talk to your project manager about any special request like this in advance.

    5. Cover Valuables in the Attic

    The removal of felt from the roof decking can make debris fall into the attic. So, cover all valuables to protect them from dust and debris.

    6. Rare and Unexpected Things but Possible

    In rare cases, a nail penetrating the roof’s deck may hit water lines, A/C lines, and electric lines.

    In some cases, roofers may damage lines not installed according to code since they cannot be seen. This inconvenience is not the roofing contractor’s fault. Thus, you should prepare if it does happen.

    Post-Work Checklist

    It is helpful to know what to expect at the end of the job.

    1. Be Present for the Final Walk-Through

    Here, you can check that both the installation and clean-up are satisfactory. Besides, you can ask any final questions.

    2. Settle the Account

    Are you satisfied with the roof installation? So, you can settle your account. Otherwise, you can speak to a company representative who will attend to any matter.

    3. Don’t Move Leftover Material

    Typically, roofers over-order materials to ensure that they have enough to finish the job. So, do not move the leftover material and ensure your roofing contractor will properly dispose of it. Republic’s elite roofing team will pick up the leftover material after completing the roof installation.

    4. Receive Your Warranty

    After receipt of the final check for the roofing project, you can request both your roofing materials warranty and your workmanship warranty.

    Frequently Asked Questions about a New Roof Installation

    Is the type of roofing shingles used important?

    If you buy good shingles and your contractor installs them correctly, they can last for decades.

    When deciding what type of shingles to buy, you will need to consider the cost. Make sure you get expert roofing advice to make the right decision.

    Is drip edge important to my overall roofing job?

    Drip edge prevents the rainwater reach your house’s fascia, keeping it from rotting over time. As you can see, this element is critical to preserving your home structure and curb appeal.

    Is it necessary to use synthetic felt?

    It is not obligatory to use it. However, your roofing felt is the last defensive line for your roof’s deck. So, old asphalt felt will not stop water penetration. Besides, the warranty is much better on synthetic felt.

    What about ice & water shield in my valleys?

    Nowadays, the best product for doing the valleys during a re-roof project is the ice & water shield. This product eliminates the possibility of rust around nail penetrations.

    What type of ventilation should I have?

    The best products available for long-term attic ventilation are ridge vents. Moreover, wind-driven rain is not a problem anymore, thanks to the improvements made over the years.

    What types of ridge shingles are best for my roofing job?

    It will depend on you whether to use the right product or cut corners. Consider that a hip & ridge shingle is not much more expensive than a 3-tab shingle, but it will give your roof much better protection.

    What warranties are available?

    There are different types of shingle warranties for different types of singles. You must handle this topic with your project manager.

    Call our team today at Republic Roofing & Restoration at 901-437-5278 and we will offer you top-quality shingles & roofing materials with the best guarantees. roofing materials with the best guarantees.