Six Bonuses You Might Not Expect When Replacing Your Roof

Six Bonuses You Might Not Expect When Replacing Your Roof. A new roof installed properly using good-quality materials can bring you many benefits. 

The basic purpose of any roof is to protect your family and belongings against weather elements. However, it also can improve your home, your wallet, and even the air you breathe. Additionally, a new roof is one of the most relevant home investments you can do. 

Therefore, we’ll show you the bonuses you will take advantage of by installing a new roof.


1. A New Roof Enhances Your Energy Efficiency 

High-quality roofing materials can help you reduce your energy bills because:

  • Premium-grade roofing materials reflect sunlight. They do not absorb it. Therefore, they can keep most of the external heat outside your home.
  • An energy-efficient roof will help your HVAC system. Due to the reflective features of modern shingles, your HVAC will have to work less, and your energy bill will lessen. 
  • Also, a new roof can boost your home’s ventilation, keeping your attic dry and cool.

You’ll have to replace your shingle roof every 18-20 years. So, you should equip your new roof with up-to-date and high-quality shingles. This way, you’ll benefit from their energy-efficient features for as long as possible.

2. A New Roof Improves Your Curb Appeal 

Every homeowner wants to see his house outstanding from the rest in the neighborhood. Isn’t it? Well, there’s no better way to achieve this than installing a new roof. Currently, there’s a wide range of shingles‘ colors and styles available in the market. This will allow you to get that attractive curb appeal you want for your home.

A professional roofing contractor will help you pick the best materials to protect your home and give it a nice appearance.

3. A New Roof Will Make Your Home More Valuable 

A well-insulated, ventilated, and the energy-efficient house will be beautiful for house-hunters. Indeed, most people are willing to pay a lot more for a home that can offer all of that. 

Do you want to sell your home? Does your roof is old and ugly? Then, if you want to get a good deal for it, you should install a high-quality new roof before listing it. To do so, partner with an experienced and reliable roofing company. 

You’ll see how your home’s resale value will skyrocket by doing this. 

4. Maintain Your Insurance Coverage 

Does your roof have 20 years of age or more? Your insurance company will contact you soon if they haven’t already. Unfortunately, insurance providers offer limited coverage on your old roof since their structural integrity becomes a big question mark. 

With a new roof, you can maintain your coverage. Just call your insurance company, and they’ll tell you what you need to extend it.

5. Breathe Easy Knowing Your Air Quality Is Top Notch 

Your roofing system was built to keep moisture out of your home. However, as time passes, its performance lessens progressively.  

Mold only needs 24-48 hours to grow. Besides, it colonizes in 3-12 days and becomes visible in 18-21 days. From there, the overall health of everyone in your home should be a concern for you. 

Thus, regardless of its condition, it is a wise decision to replace your shingle roof every 18-20 years. Also, make sure your air quality and climate control work at optimal levels. 

6. Protect Your Home with a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty  

When you install a new roof with a reputable roofing company, it carries new warranties from both the shingles’ manufacturer and the installer. Hence, you get peace of mind knowing under what conditions your roof is covered.

At Republic Roofing, we offer excellent workmanship and accountability. Besides, our work meets high company standards. These reasons allow us to offer a LIFETIME WORKMANSHIP WARRANTY on each roofing system we install. 

If you even have an issue with one of our roofing systems, we’ll correct it with no additional cost. We offer high-quality and guarantee our installations for LIFE. 

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