Learn if you Can Replace Half a Roof

Learn if you can replace half a roof from Republic Roofing. The roof’s lifespan depends on the materials you use, how well you maintain it, and how you maintain your home overall. Roofs are not indestructible, no matter how durable they are. Roofs eventually need a roof repair or replacement due to wear and tear over time. Can you replace half a roof if only part of it is damaged?


A half-roof can theoretically be replaced, but most roofing experts strongly advise against it. We will explain why replacing half of a roof isn’t a good idea.

Why replacing half a roof isn’t the best idea

It’s important to understand that although technically it’s possible to replace half a roof, it’s not a good idea. Half of your roof may seem like a great way to save money and preserve parts of your roof that don’t seem to be decaying. However, it can affect your home in other ways.

Consider these factors before replacing half a roof:


The roof of your home serves several purposes. As well as serving to keep your family and home safe from the elements outside, it also adds charm and curb appeal to your house. A home’s color scheme, style, and design add character and personality. You might even be able to increase the value of your home with the right roof.

When you replace only half of your roof, you may experience unwanted appearance issues. You may have color, texture, and even material mismatches when half of your roof has been replaced. Rather than adding value to your home with a cohesive roof, a mismatched roof makes it look unattractive.

An uneven roof can ruin the curb appeal of your home, but it can also mean your roof behaves differently on each side. Your home may look different as they fade, react differently to weather, and respond differently to the elements. A new roof should be replaced all at once to maintain your home’s appearance.


You can give a roof section a new lease on life when you replace a roof section. Metal roofs have a life of up to 50 years, compared to shingle roofs that last 10 to 20 years. Therefore, the roof has a whole new lifespan when a new section is added. It will be necessary to replace two roof sections at greatly different times if you do not replace the entire roof.

Having an older roof constantly dealing with roof issues becomes problematic. Winds and rain will not damage the newer section as much as the old section, so you’ll always have maintenance issues and repairs in one section or the other. In addition to caring for your roof properly, you do not need to worry about leaks, mold, or damage when you replace your entire roof at once.

More expensive than you think

In the panic of a roof leak, homeowners may ask, “can we just replace half of the roof? roof? roof?” but it is important to understand that replacing half of a roof is more expensive than you may have expected. An attempt at a half-roof replacement is often more trouble than worth. This doesn’t save much money and could even be more expensive if you consider the potential repairs associated with having two different roofs.

Due to the labor costs and manpower necessary to get a roofing crew out to your home, two roof projects can cost significantly more than one. Furthermore, when you have an uneven lifespan for your roof, you’ll have more repairs to deal with. Older roof sections have a higher risk of leaks, damages, and drafts. You might wind up spending way more in the long run if you choose to replace the entire roof all at once than if you fix all these issues and repairs.

Talk to the Roofing Experts

It is a big project to install a new roof. If you are searching for ways to manage it better, we understand. You won’t save any headaches by replacing half a roof. Working with roofing experts from Republic Roofing in Lakeland, Memphis, and Germantown, TN is a better option for a quick, affordable roof replacement, as they can help you decide the best material and schedule. To make your roofing project as easy and comfortable as possible, contact Republic Roofing today at 901-295-6683.