Learn What Types of Roof Damage Need Repaired Fast

Learn what types of roof damage need repaired fast from Republic Roofing. Regardless of where you reside, your roof will ultimately succumb to the weather elements. Indeed, the homeowner faces an emergency scenario when some of the damage is obvious. 

On the other hand, some roof damage is not evident until it causes severe problems. These types of issues may take months or even years to manifest. So, only skilled specialists will be able to detect the tiniest blemishes.

All homes have roofs, and each roof is vulnerable to a variety of damages. Therefore, it is critical to know what the different types of roof damage are so you can catch them before they get out of hand. Besides, it is necessary to understand when a simple remedy will suffice and when to seek the help of a reputable specialist.


Damage to the roof can occur in a variety of ways

Your roof can suffer damage for a wide range of reasons, and many times homeowners only can identify some of them.  Usually, they detect those that the untrained eyes may recognize. Several sorts of damage are invisible to the human eye, and only qualified roofing contractors can identify them.

Permeation by Water

General moisture infiltration is one of the most prevalent forms of damage that roofing specialists witness. Over time, the harsh effects of weather elements will end damaging your shingles. So, rainwater will take advantage of any small failure in your roof structure to begin its harmful effect. mall 

Water intrusion may lead to a slew of other issues if your roofing materials aren´t up to the task of keeping out the weather.

Mold is one of the best- know consequences of water intrusion. Also, it is one of the most obvious signs. Moreover, it is possible to get into a position where the home is uninhabitable for some time. It may happen if you allow moisture to filter your roof significantly. 

Moisture that causes mold can also lead to mildew, damage, and degradation of the physical building if you do not address promptly the leaks that produce it.


You can find punctures in the roofing materials at any level of the structure. Pinholes from hail damage or shredded and missing shingles might cause the holes. Issues like these will always require a professional technician to repair them.

Your contractor may solve these issues by simply replacing a few shingles. Also, you may need to re-seal something that a DIYer has incorrectly installed. In other cases, a more significant repair may be necessary, such as replacing your roof´s plywood.


Generally, cracks in roofing materials are the result of extreme weather. Besides, tree branch hits can damage some materials such as clay or terracotta tile shingles. As a result, the roof structure beneath the singles may be affected.

Temperature changes make the roofing materials expand and contract constantly. This effect generates cracks in the shingles through which water will filter, damaging the layers of your roofing system. Thus, an expert local roofer is typically the best option when dealing with this kind of damage.


Depending on its design and location, a building may have a flat roof or not. It is common for commercial buildings to have flat roofs, which rely largely on drainage to keep their roofs in good condition. Also, they provide their set problems in terms of waterproofing.

In rare circumstances, the roof may settle, resulting in tiny depressions where water pools or “ponds” take place. When ponding happens, the roof under the pond might degrade at a much faster pace. So, this can lead to a potentially dangerous situation in the future.

Damages to the structure

Unnoticed moisture infiltration through shingles and other roofing materials can quickly escalate into a major issue. If the leak is near a piece of wood, this water tends to find its way into the wood. Over time, this can pose a serious threat to the structural integrity of your roof and eventually your house or commercial building.

Damage that has gone undetected for a long time is more likely to necessitate a more substantial repair than a few missing shingles. In extreme circumstances, the roof trusses and interior structural components may need a replacement as well as the roofing materials. This type of damage can add up to tens of thousands of dollars in additional costs.

How to Know If You Need a Roof Repair

Understanding the wide range of roofing damage possibilities and detecting any damage are two very different tasks. You have already learned about the most common forms of roofing damage. Now, we will show you below some signs of roofing damage

Visible Damage

The early aftermath of a severe weather event is an excellent moment to check for damage. Hence, look at your roof and roofing materials for signs of damage after a storm. It will be just a casual walk–around your roof, searching for any noticeable changes.

A few missing shingles may seem like minor damage to your home. But think about it. They are your home´s first line of defense against water intrusion! So, if even one single is missing, you should have it fixed immediately since it might save you hundreds of dollars.

Discoloration and Spots

When water seeps through drywall or plaster, it tells us about a gradual leak. Discoloration of wall and ceiling materials in the living room is the most common symptom. Additionally, staining or sagging of the surfaces might also be a sign of this issue.

Also, staining or discoloration might indicate a mold problem. In most circumstances, mold solution is beyond the capabilities of the average homeowner. So, this issue may require the services of a certified and insured expert.

My Roof Is Damaged. What Should I Do?

A water damage stain on your walls may tell you that your roof needs some repairs. Thus, contact us right away for an estimate. Do not put off fixing your roof any longer! A reputable roofing company can give you the peace of mind you need.

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