Should I Repair or Replace My Roof

Should I Repair or Replace My Roof. Usually, homeowners tend to ignore a failing roof because it is not the most evident issue to repair in their homes. Besides, many think that in case of a leak, a bucket can address the problem –at least for a while.

However, it requires all your attention. Dark points, outside light coming through a hole, and a sagging roof are clear signs of roofing damage. At some point, it always comes the question, should I repair or replace my roof?

Here, we’ll discuss what course of action is better depending on the circumstances.

Why Should You Pay Attention to a Damaged Roof?

Why Should You Pay Attention to a Damaged Roof?

Did you know that mold could cause grave respiratory diseases? Coughing, wheezing, nasal stuffiness, and throat irritation are frequently consequences of mold growing into our homes. Imagine how this can affect a person who suffers from asthma! Besides, leaking roofs are ideal places for mold development. 

A daylight ray through your roof means that you have missing shingles in your roof. Also, your roof deck has already suffered serious damage. Moisture will weaken and rot the roof deck. Furthermore, roof leaks will decrease your insulator efficiency, raising your expenses in energy bills. 

Additionally, the combination of short wires and a roof leak represents a risk since it can generate fire in your home. Just like any other issue in your home, a damaged roof can be harmful. So, you cannot ignore it.

I Know My Roof Is Damaged, What Should I Do Now?

The damage will not disappear by itself. Indeed, it will grow over time because of the constant exposition of your roof to the elements. In the worst cases, roofs even suddenly collapse.

You may think it is easier to ignore the problem, but you know that is not a smart choice. Look for a professional roofing contractor and tell him clearly if your roof needs immediate attention. As the saying goes, “precaution is better than cure.” Besides, if your roof has several layers of shingles, it will be difficult to find the damage.

Once you have found damage in your roof, you have to decide between repairing it and replacing it. 

Sometimes, the damage is minimal. So, a simple repair will solve it, and evidently, it would be a cheaper option. Yet, if the damage is big, you can spend more money by trying to repair it since you’ll likely have to pay twice. First, you will repair it but after a short time, you’ll have to replace it.

When should you choose to repair your roof?

  • It is convenient to repair when damage is not significant or it only covers a small section of your roof. For example, when the damage involves two or three shingles, repairing is a logical choice. Actually, if you know how to perform roofing repairs, you can do it by yourself.
  • Are you short of time and requiring fixing the problem quickly? Under these circumstances, a repair is the best alternative. Most of the time, doing this is not the best. But, for instance, if you need to go away from home due to a trip, you can take a roofing repair as an alternative.  
  • If your roof is still young, that is, it has less than 10 years old; it will be sturdy enough to resist the weather elements. In such conditions, you may still repair your roof because there is significant remaining life on it.  

Why Should You Replace Your Roof?

  • Sometimes, the roofing damage is too large to fix it. For example, a rotten roofing deck represents grave damage, and when this happens, the roof is sagging. Repairing it will be only a short solution. Thus, you may pay two or more times when repairing and re-repairing your roof. In the end, you will understand that by replacing your roof, you can save a lot of money. 
  • A roof with more than 20 years has been exposed to extreme weather conditions for a long time. As a result, it has lost its capability to resist the effects of the elements. These roofs could not withstand weather impact for much more time. Therefore, repairing them will not be the solution but replacing them. 
  • In Florida, when a homeowner repair more than 25% of his roofing area during one year or less, he must replace the entire roof. This is a State of Florida regulation. “Not more than 25 percent of the total roof area or roof section of any existing building or structure shall be repaired, replaced, or recovered in any 12-month period unless the entire roofing system or roof section conforms to requirements of this code.”

Your roof age is another critical element to decide between repairing and replacing. Generally, you should replace an old roof. However, some roofs last more than others do, depending on their roofing materials.

Metal roofs can last up to 40 years. Likewise, slate roofs can last 100 years, on average. But, asphalt roofs have shorter lives, lasting up to 20 years. 

Of course, heat, gutter systems in poor conditions, poor maintenance, and poor UV protection will diminish your roof life. When this occurs, the only option left is to replace. 

There is a frequent mistake among homeowners. Many of them prefer to repair than replacing their roofs only because this option is cheaper in the short term.

This is especially true when children or elderly people at home can have breathing difficulties due to a leaking roof. Repairing the damage may seem practical. But, in the long term, a roof replacement will be more economical. Moreover, by replacing your roof, you’ll get a better and more durable one.

The ideal way to do this is by having one of our Roofing Professionals visiting your home for a free inspection. They will describe what options you have, guiding you on the process of deciding between repair or replace your roof. 

To make this deciding process easier for you, we’ll show you below a list of the pros and cons of repairing and replacing your roof. 

Repairing Your Roof  


  • Cheaper in the short term
  • This option is a quick fix for roof damage
  • When you spot the damage at an early stage, this is the proper course of action. 


  • This solution to the damage may not be permanent
  • If you accumulate many repairs, they could cost more than an entire replacement
  • If you have a damaged old roof, this is not the answer

Replacing Your Roof


  • Is a permanent solution to the problem
  • Provides the opportunity to replace your existing roof, installing a new one, stronger and more resilient
  • If your roof surpassed its optimum life, this is the only solution 
  • A one-time investment


  • The initial investment may be high

Now, you have the information you needed to make the right choice about your roof. If your roof is still in good shape, this information will be helpful in the future.

However, we strongly recommend you hire a roofing professional to perform a complete (free) inspection. Only then you can decide between repair or a replacement. 

Some roof damage may not be evident, but it even can require immediate attention. Usually, only a specialist can detect this type of damage, saving you from unforeseen future expenses. Besides, this professional will help you extend the life of your current roofing system.

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