Water and Fire Restoration in Memphis TN

Water and fire restoration in Memphis TN is something don’t normally think about. Have you had the misfortune to have had a fire or flood in your Memphis or Collierville TN home? 

If you have suffered a fire or water loss let Republic Roofing & Restoration help restore your home back to its original form. 

Republic Roofing and Restoration Water & Fire Restoration in Memphis TN

Fire & Water Damage

Water and Fire restoration in Memphis TN is not something you wake up in the morning thinking about, it’s an emergency. Water and fire damage is a problem that no property owner ever anticipates. When water or fire damage occurs due to severe weather, backed up drains, electrical malfunction, or frozen pipes, you might not know where to turn, or who to call first.

Republic Roofing & Restoration is a leading water and fire restoration in Memphis TN and Collierville TN areas provider. Though we started off as a commercial and residential roofing company in 2002, our company’s practice of offering ethical, truthful, and effective service has allowed us to expand our operations to include a full line of fire and water restoration services.

We understand that having your home or industrial property compromised by water or fire damage puts a halt to your normal life. Our staff of highly trained sales representatives, insurance inspectors, and contractors will work with you to return your property to its original condition as quickly as possible. From the moment you call our office, our team will start working to develop a comprehensive loss summary, an estimate of repair, and photos to document your loss. As a licensed general contractor, we also have the resources to complete any renovation work that your residential or commercial property requires. You won’t have to coordinate repairs with multiple companies, which saves you time and hassle when it matters most.

Republic Roofing & Restoration puts our customers first. Browse our site to learn more about our fire damage, water restoration, and cleaning services, or call us today for a loss estimate.

Water & Fire Restoration in Memphis TN

Cleaning Services 

Republic Roofing & Restoration provides professional commercial cleaning services throughout Memphis, and Collierville, Tennessee, as well as Arkansas, Texas, and South Carolina.

Republic Roofing & Restoration has a huge team of certified cleaning experts and specialized cleaning tools, which enables us to take on any sized cleanup.

Whether your home has been disturbed by a catastrophic event, or you just need an extra hand cleaning up a neglected property, we have the knowledge and resources to restore your property to like-new condition. Our team of commercial cleaners is thorough—they will scour your property from top to bottom, and clean carpets, furniture, air ducts, and more.

Though the results may not be visible to the naked eye, a thorough cleaning removes odors, allergens, and pollutants, and most of all improves the health and appearance of your property dramatically.

What Do We Clean? 

• Air ducts and HVAC

• Carpet and upholstery

• Ceilings, floors, walls

• Drapes and blinds

• Odor removal

• Sewage

• Vandalism and graffiti

And much more

If your home or commercial property is in need of a professional deep-clean, call the cleanup experts at Republic Roofing & Restoration today.

Fire Damage Restoration

A house fire is an extremely traumatic event. In addition to the property damage, being forced to leave your own home is uncomfortable and disorienting. Though it may be your instinct to clean up by yourself after a fire, this is a job best left to experts. Exposure to smoke and burned material is hazardous to your health. Furthermore, you may not be able to see the extent of the damage yourself.

Republic Roofing & Restoration is highly experienced at repairing fire-damaged homes. When we were founded in 2002, we started by offering commercial and residential roofing services to our neighbors in and around Nashville TN. Over the years, we have proven ourselves to be a reliable and trusted business, and we have been fortunate enough to be able to expand our operations to include a full line of fire restoration services.

Our trained restoration experts will check every inch of your home for fire damage. They can repair the obvious signs of damage, including burned walls and floors, as well as less obvious damage, like smoke residue and air duct cleaning.

Our residential and commercial fire damage restoration services include:

• Fire remediation

• Complete remodeling services

• Roof repair and replacement

• Fire and smoke restoration

• Odor control

• Fire cleanup

• Water damage due to firefighting efforts

• Insurance claim consultation

After a fire, call the fire remediation experts at Republic Roofing & Restoration. We guarantee to provide honest, reliable, and quick service so that you can get back to living your life as soon as possible. Contact us today for more information.

Water Restoration

If your home or commercial property has been affected by water damage, it is crucial that you take action immediately. Flooding can ruin furnishings and carpeting, and lead to structural problems as well as dangerous mold. In the case of a sewage backup, the area must be thoroughly sanitized to eliminate hazardous pathogens. In many cases, water cleanup is best left to professionals.

Republic Roofing & Restoration offers commercial and residential water restoration services in the Knoxville TN and Nashville TN areas. We specialize in quick and comprehensive water removal. Using specialized equipment, we can completely dry and sanitize your damaged property, including wood floors, carpet, basements, cabinets, and walls.

As a licensed general contractor in Tennessee, Texas, Arkansas, and South Carolina, we are able to not only dry your property but repair it to its full pre-exposure condition. From drywall and insulation to roofs and gutters, we can take care of every step of the renovation process.

If your property has been subjected to damaging severe weather, burst pipes, a flooded basement, or an overflowing toilet, contact Republic Roofing & Restoration today.

We offer the following commercial and residential water restoration services:

• Commercial and residential large loss estimating

• Emergency water removal

• Water extraction

• Antimicrobial treatments

• Commercial and residential cleanup

• Insurance claim consultation

• Mold mitigation and remediation

Our mobile operations team is on-call 24 hours a day in order to provide you service when you need it, regardless of the time of day. Contact us today for a loss assessment and insurance claim assistance.


Storm Damage Restoration

The Southeast is subject to a great range of severe weather. High winds, tornadoes, hurricanes, and hail can wreak havoc on residential and commercial properties. When catastrophic weather hits, the last thing you want to think about is hiring a reliable contractor.

Republic Roofing & Restoration has humble origins in commercial and residential roofing, but over the years we have expanded our services to include a full spectrum of renovation and repair services. If your property has been damaged during a storm, Republic Roofing & Restoration is the only call you need to make.

General contractors licensed in four states, we have the materials and resources needed to repair any storm-devastated property. Reroofing, windows, siding, insulation, water damage restoration, complete renovation, we can do it all. We are dedicated to bringing your property back to like-new condition quickly so you can get back to living your life.

If you need water and fire restoration in Memphis TN contact Republic Roofing & Restoration today at 901-437-5278 for a risk-free loss estimate. We have a 24-hour mobile response team ready to act whenever disaster strikes, and our expert insurance claims adjusters will help file the confusing insurance claims on your behalf. Any time of day, we are here for you when you need us most.