Questions to Ask Your Commercial Roofing Contractor

Questions to ask your commercial roofing contractor from Republic Roofing. When it comes to commercial roofing, the difference between a good job and a bad one can be the difference between making money and losing it. That’s why it’s important to do your homework before hiring a commercial roofing contractor, as you should only entrust … Read more

How do I Select the Best Fire-Resistant Roof?

How do I select the best fire-resistant roof from Republic Roofing. Your roof serves some relevant functions. It shields your property from the elements. But the quality of your roof also impacts the structural integrity of your home or business. Besides, it can greatly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house. As we can see, … Read more

Roofing Warranty Coverage

Roofing warranty coverage from Republic Roofing. Roofing repairs and replacements can be costly. Therefore, knowing that your new roof includes warranty coverage is critical.  How do roofing warranties work? Many homeowners and business owners focus only on the warranty length and not the repair or replacement services covered.  But knowing your warranty now might save … Read more

Replacement Process a Shingle Roof

Replacement Process a Shingle Roof Replacement process a shingle roof from Republic Roofing. Of all major home improvement projects, installing a new roof is certainly the most important one. However, due to the exorbitant cost or high complexity of such projects, undertaking a total roof replacement project is often the last thing on the minds … Read more

Roofing Insurance Questions to Know

Roofing insurance questions to know from Republic Roofing. When it comes to the safety and security of your loved ones, it pays to have homeowner’s insurance to cover any damages caused by unforeseen incidents. From broken trees to storms and everything in between, your roof and home are constantly exposed to the harsh weather.  In … Read more

What to Do When Your Roof is Leaking

Republic Roofing is here to explain what to do when your roof is leaking. If you have ever experienced a roof leak in your home, you might know how frustrating and stressful the whole experience can be. However, this is not the time to get panicked. As soon as you discover a roof leak, you … Read more

Red Flags to Look for When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

While all roofers have slightly different ways of working on a project, there are a few red flags to look for when hiring a roofing contractor. A roof replacement is a significant investment. So, you must work with a reliable and trusted roofing contractor like Republic Roofing that truly stands behind its products and services. … Read more

Getting the Best Roof Warranty

The peace of mind that comes with getting the best roof warranty is invaluable for a homeowner. The roof warranty, however, must ensure you are aware of the protection you are receiving. Here’s a closer look at what makes a rock-solid roofing warranty. Republic Roofing is here to help! The Whole Roof System Should Be … Read more

Most Common Types of Flat Roofs

The most common types of flat roofs from Republic Roofing. Flat roofs are great for achieving a clean and minimalistic look. And despite being an affordable roofing option, they offer plenty of advantages to the homeowners, such as an ample terrace space (which can be used for extra storage) and easy maintenance. Although some people … Read more