Is One Metal Roofing Gauge Better than Another?

If you’re wondering “Is one metal roofing gauge better than another?” Let Republic Roofing help you out! The popularity of metal roofing continues to grow among homeowners. Not surprisingly, many homeowners have a multitude of questions regarding these modern roofs.

While most homeowners are concerned about the lifespan of a metal roof, some look for more specific information. One of the common questions among homeowners is regarding the metal roofing gauge used in residential roofing. Although there are various options available, in this article, we are going to recommend a particular gauge for your metal roof.


To begin, let’s delve into the most prevalent gauges typically utilized in metal roofing. After that, we will share with you four vital aspects that you need to be aware of when it comes to residential metal roofing. Let’s get started. 

What Are the Most Popular Metal Roofing Gauges?

When it comes to residential metal roofs, steel is the most popular option – be it the whole metal roofing system or just the accent. The gauge options for steel panels include 29, 26, 24, and 22 each representing a different thickness. Always keep in mind, as we go higher, the thickness of metal panels keeps decreasing.

Among the available options, steel panels of 26 and 24 gauges are the most frequently utilized for metal roofs installed on homes However, the 26-gauge panels, being thinner, carry a higher risk of oil canning. This can result in a noticeable “bubbling” appearance that eventually transforms into a wavy look on the surface.  

Residential metal roofing: 4 Things you should know.

1. The Best Type of Metal Roof Type for Homes 

When it comes to metal roofing systems, you have two primary options: standing seam or screw-down panels. A standing seam roofing system consists of interlocking panels that allow for free expansion and contraction when the metal experiences heat. On the other hand, a screw-down panel, as the name suggests, is affixed to the roof by screws. This can limit its ability to accommodate thermal expansion.

Considering the limitations of screw-down panels in terms of expansion and contraction, we strongly advise against installing them in overheated spaces such as an office or a home. 

2. Metal Roofs Can Be Noisy

Before investing in a metal roof, most people are concerned about the noise that their metal roof may generate during rainfall. While rain falling on a metal roof does create some sound, there are measures you can take to minimize this noise and enhance your comfort.

For optimal noise reduction, make sure to install a metal roofing system over solid decking. The presence of wood underneath the metal roof will absorb a significant portion of the noise. This can result in a quieter experience. Additionally, you have the option to place wood fiber insulation boards under the metal panels and above the roof’s decking. This additional layer can help absorb even more noise.

3. Warranty on the Painted Finish (Protective Coating)

Renowned steel manufacturers use a highly effective process known as Kynar 500, which applies a durable painted finish to these panels. This specialized finish provides efficient and long-lasting protection to the steel from various environmental factors and prevents color fading over time.

With the high-quality installation of steel panels, you can enjoy a 30-year warranty on the paint finish for your metal roofing system (standing seam). However, remember that while this warranty specifically covers the paint or protective coating for three decades, it does not mean that the finish will suddenly vanish once this period has elapsed. 

4. Lifespan of a Residential Metal Roof   

By ensuring proper installation of the panels and adequate ventilation in your attic, you can expect a remarkable lifespan of 30 years from a standing seam system. In good conditions, this can even extend to 50 years. However, achieving this exceptional durability largely depends on your choice of a skilled roofing contractor experienced in installing metal roofing. 

The longevity of your metal roof can reduce if the paint on your metal is inadvertently damaged or scratched during installation. In the absence of any protective coating, the steel surface gets exposed to moisture and becomes prone to rust. This can dramatically reduce its overall lifespan. 

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