What are the Differences Between Single Hung and Double Hung Windows?

What are the Differences Between Single Hung and Double Hung Windows? There are many misconceptions about window types. One of the most common misconceptions shared by many homeowners is that single and double-hung windows are the same as single and double pane windows. But this is not the case.

In window construction, single- or double-pane refers to how many layers of glass are used in each sash. A single-pane window has only one layer of glass in each sash while a double-pane window has two layers of glass with an additional layer of gas between them for insulation and thermal barrier.

The single-hung and double-hung window types are primarily determined by how the sash(es) are related to one another. In single hung, only the bottom sash can move up and down; in double-hung, both upper and lower sashes can move up and down. The Double-Hung Window’s versatility allows it to achieve more than any other window type. This is due to its unique design that allows each sash, both the upper and lower, to move up and down and even tilt in and out. Because of this, double-hung windows are highly functional for a variety of situations.

Whether you’re replacing single-hung windows for energy efficiency or just want to upgrade the aesthetics of your home, consider this guide to the best types of windows.  You can rest assured that our guide will help you find the right window for your home or business building – whether it’s new home construction, updating an existing home or commercial structure, or replacing windows in an older residential building. 


What is the difference between single hung and double-hung windows?

Single-hung windows

If you’re in the market for new windows, you may be wondering if your home is best suited for double-hung or single-hung windows. The two most common window types used are single-hung and double-hung. Both have their benefits, but when it comes to replacing your windows, there are advantages to each option.

For many years, single-hung windows have been the standard window type used in both commercial and residential buildings. They are simply a pane of glass attached to a single frame that hangs from the top of the house. They provide a simple and classic look to any home, yet they also offer many advantages. 

Pros of Single Hung Windows

  • Inexpensive – Single-hung windows are a simple design in which there is only one pane of glass. This makes them more efficient than their double-hung counterparts. They do not require as much material to create and are often less expensive to make. Because they do not need the additional pane of glass and casing around the window, they also tend to be lighter in weight which reduces costs for homeowners who must hire workers to help lift heavy windows and components from their home renovation projects. If you’re replacing windows on your own, single-hung will probably be the better option for you because of their affordability and ease of use when attempting to lift heavy
  • Fit the look – Many older homes were designed with single-hung windows in mind, so homeowners often opt for the single hung option to keep curb appeal consistent. Going with single-hung windows can preserve some of the home’s authenticity while allowing homeowners to update their windows. Single-hung windows also blend right in with craftsman-style homes or other uniquely styled homes.

Cons of Single Hung Windows

  • Less energy-efficient – Whether you’re looking to save money on your energy bills or looking to increase home security and comfort with fresh air flow, single-hung windows are not the best options for most homes and lifestyles. Since single hung do not seal as well as double Hung windows when closed, they can let a lot lighter into your home than you may be comfortable with. Single-hung windows also have a significantly smaller area to insulate your home, meaning that you will be paying more in annual heating and cooling costs than you would with double-hung models. Additionally, these smaller panes of glass are more prone to breakage, which means that you’ll need to replace them more frequently than with double-hung replacement windows.
  • Limited mobility – A single hung window has one movable sash which means that to clean the outside of your window, you need to open it up and reach out of the window or climb on a ladder. A double-hung window has two movable sashes which are much easier to clean from the inside.
  • Less ventilation – The bottom sash of single-hung windows doesn’t open as far from the top as a double-hung window. Because of this, they perform less well at transmitting fresh air and ventilation in a room. When choosing between single- or double-hung windows, consider how much ventilation you need for a room before you make your purchase. In small spaces such as bathrooms, where the floor space is limited and good ventilation is important, you might want to consider dual pane windows with an aluminum frame or vinyl insert.


If upfront costs and your home’s historic aesthetic are your main priorities when evaluating replacement windows, then single hung windows are great options for you. 

Single hung windows are considered a “budget” option because they require less labor to install than double hung windows. These windows are built to resemble the old-fashioned windows that were used years ago. However, if you’re looking for energy efficiency and easier cleaning, then double-hung replacement windows may be more in line with your needs.  

Double-hung windows

Over the last century double hung windows have grown from a simple retrofit solution on older homes to one of the most popular window types in use today. The style is traditionally reserved for older homes, but double hung windows have become available in a variety of styles and shapes to suit any home. 

Pros of Double Hung Windows

  • Energy-efficient – Heating, cooling, or air conditioning in your home is expensive. The best investment you can make is in your windows. Energy-efficient windows will pay for themselves over time through lower energy bills and reduced emissions. Double-hung windows offer top-notch sealing, making them one of the best styles of windows when it comes to energy efficiency. Double-hung windows provide a balance between ventilation and energy efficiency. They’re a great style of window for those who want maximum protection from the elements while still enjoying a warmer climate and reduced cooling costs. 
  • Greater mobility – A key selling feature of double-hung windows is the mobility that they offer. Both top and bottom sashes can independently move up and down and tilt in and out, making window cleaning a breeze. Whether you’re on the second, third, or sixth floor, you’ll be able to clean the outside of your windows from inside the comfort of your home. Plus, double-hung windows allow you to open the top sash, which provides greater safety if you have kids or pets running around your home.
  • Visually appealing – The classic window style of single-hung or double-hung windows rules the window market today. It comes in a variety of wood types and styles and can all be customized to fit your home decor. It fits a wide range of styles and makes updating your home easier than with other types of windows. 
  • Better ventilation – Since both sashes can open at the same time, you’re able to maximize airflow through your windows. The mobility of both sashes in double-hung windows allows for greater ventilation, which is a great benefit for rooms where moisture can become problematic.

Cons of Double Hung Windows

  • Expensive -The main reason that most homeowners don’t install double-hung windows is the price. However, they are often more cost-effective than other options available for replacing entire windows. Besides their popularity and value, there are several features that can persuade you to choose double-hung over other window types. 


 If you’re willing to make the investment to reap the rewards of versatility, energy efficiency, and safety, double-hung windows are the right choice for you. When you choose double-hung windows, you’re getting a window that’s easy to clean and insulates well. With multiple positions for the glass, along with a variety of other features like blocking out moisture and sound, these windows will bring new life to your home. 

In the market for double hung replacement windows?

A window replacement is a big decision and should be made carefully, based on your own personal needs, as well as those of future occupants of the home. You need to know which type of window will best fit your situation, as well as understand the differences between the two most used window types: single-hung and double-hung windows. 

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