Roofing Warranty Coverage

Roofing warranty coverage from Republic Roofing. Roofing repairs and replacements can be costly. Therefore, knowing that your new roof includes warranty coverage is critical. 

How do roofing warranties work? Many homeowners and business owners focus only on the warranty length and not the repair or replacement services covered. 


But knowing your warranty now might save surprises later.

So, let’s answer some roofing warranty FAQs.

FAQ: What Is a Roof Warranty?

“Roof warranty” might mean different warranties from different suppliers. Some home insurers cover roof-related concerns, but most don’t. Also, add-on home warranty policies cover roof leaks and roof repairs. On the other hand, roofing manufacturers usually give material warranties, and your local roofing contractor should have workmanship warranty.

FAQ: What Do Roof Warranties Cover?

Many manufacturers’ roofing warranties restrict the manufacturer’s responsibility rather than protect the homeowner or company owner. Thus, it is vital to study the fine print of any manufacturer’s guarantee before choosing a roofing material. Also, you should know what voids a product’s warranty.

A standard manufacturer’s warranty replaces or repairs a damaged product within a predetermined period. This coverage is sometimes pro-rated, which should be set explicitly in the contract.

FAQ: Can A Roofer’s Warranty Be Voided?

Yes, sadly. Unintentionally voiding your roof’s warranty is a bad feeling, especially when trying to fix a problem. To avoid this, study your policy and become familiar with any warranty-voiding situations.

FAQ: What Voids a Roof Warranty?

Unintentionally voiding your roofing warranty involves a few concerns. Common voiding situations:

  • Replacing old shingles

Reputable contractors know it is not safe to place new shingles over old ones. By not ripping off the old roof first, you might limit the lifespan of your new shingles. Besides, it would compromise your roof’s structural integrity and void your shingle guarantee.

  • Poor roofing

An incorrect installation might void your warranty. Hence, avoid contractors and roofers that cut corners, take shortcuts, or ignore the manufacturer’s instructions.

Installing roof fixtures and features

Objects such as antennas, satellite dishes, skylights, and solar panels might void your roofing guarantee. Before adding roof features, consult your local roofer.

  • Mixing various roofing materials

Most roofing systems incorporate manufacturer-approved components. Mixing shingles, underlayment, or other elements from various brands might endanger your roof. You will also likely void the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Roof ventilation issues

Proper attic ventilation ensures a roof’s lifespan. Meanwhile, improper ventilation typically voids a roof’s warranty.

  • Pressure-washing

Pressure washers are fantastic for your driveway, but not your roof. A pressure washer may remove shingle particles and drive water below a shingle roof. So, using a pressure washer might also void your roof’s guarantee.

  • Not using the original installer for repairs

Roof repair is not a DIY undertaking if you want to maintain your material warranty intact. Many (if not most) manufacturers’ warranties require repairs by the original roofing contractor.

FAQ: What About Roofing Contractor Warranties?

Many homeowners mistake the manufacturer’s guarantee (for materials) with the roofing contractor’s workmanship warranty. Generally, the craftsmanship warranty covers installation mistakes. Manufacturer’s warranties cover roofing materials, not contractor warranties. Most manufacturers will employ the original installer to give approved material warranty coverage.

FAQ: What Causes Premature Roof Failure?

Many roofing manufacturers provide 25- or 50-year warranties. Their materials are made to endure that long or longer. In typical conditions, most modern roofing materials don’t break down early. 

What causes roof failure? In most cases, faulty installation causes early roof collapse. Up to 98% of roof leaks are because of poor construction, not damaged shingles.

A Roof Warranty Depends on the Original Installation.

A roof installation is only as good as the local roofing contractor you hire. No roof guarantee can cover a faulty installation. So, manufacturer-authorized, and manufacturer-preferred contractors offer the best roof warranty coverage. 

Owens Corning exclusively gives Platinum Preferred Contractor certification to top contractors that fulfill high requirements for professionalism, reliability, and exceptional craftsmanship. Likewise, Owens Corning’s premium roofing system warranty is only available through Platinum Preferred Contractors.

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