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    Skylights and Roof Windows

    Republic has added brand and product knowledge over any other installer in Memphis, Tennessee. 

    The Republic team is fully trained on all Velux skylights, roof windows, and sun tunnel installation. Besides, we can install all accessories like solar skylights and remote-controlled skylights that open for fresh air. 

    Skylights and Roof Windows

    Are you looking to add value to your home by adding skylights and roof windows? Adding new skylights and roof windows is a great way to do it. 

    Installing Republic Roofing & Restoration skylights and roof windows will mean a design enhancement for your home. However, it is a big step for any homeowner to take. 

    Before choosing a skylight, consider the options available and understand the benefits that a suitable skylight or roof window can provide you. 

    Benefits of Installing Velux Skylights


    Why should you add a skylight to your home? The main reason is to let in natural sunlight. 

    This can reduce your dependence on artificial lighting alternatives and will lead to lower power bills. More importantly, natural light can reduce mood generation. So, adding a skylight or roof window could improve your family life quality. 

    Studies show that people who work in rooms with windows get more and better sleep at night. Also, natural light has a different balance of colors compared to artificial light sources. This feature can influence sleep and circadian rhythms.

    By installing a skylight that you can open, you’ll benefit from letting fresh air getting into your home. Good ventilation is important to reduce mold and mildew growth. Besides, it will help to get rid of bad smells.

    Skylights Must-Have Accessories


    Installing a skylight is an excellent choice. However, you will need some accessories to get the most of your investment. 

    For example, you may want to install a VELUX blind. It will allow you to screen sunlight when you require a shady environment, such as when you want to take a nap or sleep in. Many of them are electrically powered, so you don’t have to get up to open and close them. 

    With the Velux blinds, you can let in variable amounts of light in your rooms. Besides, they provide you with privacy as well as improve energy efficiency. 

    Other accessories you might consider are systems for opening and closing the skylight. They are very helpful if the skylight is in a difficult-to-reach place. 

    Republic has many types of skylights and roof windows to offer you. The top of the line is an easy-to-open and easy-to-use solar fresh air skylight. It captures the available daylight, using it to recharge the battery, which energizes an operator that opens and closes the skylight. 

    Skylight FAQ

    How will I know what skylights and roof windows are best for my home? 

    A Republic specialist may visit you to perform an inspection. He can tell you if you need a curb mount or deck mount skylight.

    Next, you have to choose which skylight best fits your needs. There are several options; solar, electric, manual, or fixed mounted. It depends on your taste and your budget. 

    Do you have a flat ceiling? Do you think this will impede you to have a skylight and roof windows? 

    Don’t worry. All you need to do is have a lightwell built in your attic. But, make sure a professional built your light well. An incorrectly built lightwell may decrease your available light by as much as 30%. Also, you can install a curb mount skylight to add light to a room with a flat roof. 

    What Is the Best Time to Change Skylights?

    The best time to change your old skylights is when you are doing a reroofing project. The reasons are that you already have the old roof off. Besides, you have a clean deck around the skylights. It will allow you to easily put around the new skylights the ice and water shield along with synthetic felt.

    How Often Do Skylights Need To Be Replaced In My Memphis Home? 

    In Memphis, Tennessee, skylights have to take the sun and massive rains year after year. That is why most skylights only last from 10 to 15 years. So, it is good that a professional inspect your skylights periodically, even if they are not leaking.  

    I Have 2X2 Skylights On My Memphis Home. What Are The Different Types Of Skylights I Can Purchase?

    You have several options depending on the place of your roof where the skylights are. You can acquire a fixed Velux skylight, ventilated skylight, curb mounted, or even a Velux sun tunnel. 

    My Skylights Are Leaking Now, Do Skylights Always Leak? 

    Skylights do not always generate roof leaks. In the past, they had a bad reputation for leaking. Nevertheless, by purchasing a high-quality skylight and hiring a top skylight installer, you will get many years of no-leak service from your new skylights.

    I Have A Skylight in My Home, and I Have Condensation All the Time. How Do I Get Rid Of Condensation? 

    Many areas of the state of Tennessee have to deal with condensation, mainly on bathroom skylights. However, the Velux Skylights design helps to reduce condensation on skylights. They have a channel to drain the water off and keep the condensation from dripping on your floor.

    Do Roofers Install Skylights? 

    Yes, however, you should make sure that the roofer you hire is certified and experienced in installing skylights. 

    You can buy a great skylight like Velux. But, if you do not install it correctly, it may not work properly. Thus, ask your roofer to tell you how they will install your skylights. 

    In this sense, you can call the Republic Roofing & Restoration team to ask about the proper way to install a skylight. Our crew receives training on the proper installation of skylight systems.

    I Have No Tree Cover Over My Home. Do The Velux Skylights Have UV Protection? 

    Yes, Velux skylights do come with UV protection. With the old skylight designs, homeowners may have carpeting and floors bleaching out from the sun. But, this problem was left in the past with the UV-protected Velux Skylights.

    How Much Does A Velux Skylight Cost In The Memphis Market? 

    Every skylight problem and situation could be different. So, you’ll need a Republic project manager to visit you to evaluate your roof and attic to define a price.