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Republic Roofing & Restoration realizes the importance of knowing about us and estimating accuracy. Estimating accuracy is vital when dealing with any restoration project, for the contract amount can only be estimated accurately when the many construction variables have been reduced or eliminated.


It is vital that each owner or manager, whether commercial or residential, compare and contrast contending estimates. Restoration projects sometimes require an insurance claim and bridging the gap between natural disaster restoration contracting and the confusion of the insurance claims process is one of the many reasons for our company’s existence. Each Republic Roofing & Restoration team member is trained by our in-house licensed insurance adjusters to ensure accurate estimating. Estimating accuracy is vital for our companies rapport with the Property and Casualty division for each and every Insurance Company.

Since every insurance company is unique in the way they approach a property loss, we have found it best serves the homeowner to be represented by a contractor educated in the insurance claim process. Each year throughout the United States we experience destructive tornados, floods, hail storms, and hurricanes. Our mobile operations team is familiar with the insurance claim process and comfortable at partnering with the homeowner’s insurance company to ensure the claims process is smooth and best serves the homeowner, whatever the restoration needs.

Because commercial/ residential building requirements vary from county to county and state to state, Republic Roofing & Restoration takes it upon itself to ensure that each project meets international and local building codes and standards for the protection of our clients.
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