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    Are you in need of Commercial Flat Roof Services Memphis TN? One of the features commercial building owners consider when choosing the roof material to use is the visual appeal. For that reason, the captivating aesthetic look flat roofs offer makes them popular to many businesses in Memphis TN. There is no denying how it can provide a professional and attractive appearance for commercial building but beyond the looks, Collierville flat roofs are more prone to damage and often requires more work than other standard types of roofs. Here are some of the most common flat roofing problems that may shorten the life of your flat roof and require commercial roof replacement sooner rather than later, if left unsolved.

    Commercial Flat Roof Services Memphis TN

    Roof Leaks and Moisture

    Roof leaks are probably the most common problem that plagues commercial flat roof systems. Flat roof leaks can happen for many reasons, including its inability to shed water, improper installation of the roofing system, or poor adhesion. Apart from water finding its way to the building space affecting the integrity of the entire building, leaks in a flat roof can also result in mold growth, wood rot due to moisture seeping into the roof itself, and even power failure, among other issues. Just like how the leaks of other roofing systems are being solved, the best way to deal with a leaky flat roof is to make sure that you have your roof inspected regularly by professional commercial roofers in Memphis TN, and ensure a repair is done whenever needed.

    Water Ponding

    Water pooling is another headache of commercial flat roofs that drains the patience of commercial owners. Water pooling commonly happens after a heavy storm, but it can also be a pointer to deeper issues such as having piled up the debris on the roof and inefficient drainage system. If pooling is left to sit for too long, it can result in water infiltrating into the roof components underneath, deteriorating the exterior of your roof and accelerating roof decay.

    Roof Alligatoring

    Many flat roofs have an asphalt membrane designed to protect them from UV radiation, water damage, and other weather conditions. The natural progression of time, and the ever-changing temperatures, can cause the asphalt membrane to dry out and crack. Not fixing small patches and cracks until they get out of hand will force you to replace your flat roof prematurely.

    Commercial Flat Roof Services Memphis TN: Poor Roof Workmanship is Often the Real Culprit

    The above-mentioned flat roof problems are commonly due to a lack of roof repairs and maintenance whenever they’re needed and poor workmanship when installing or servicing the original flat roof. Hiring a shoddy roof contractor can translate to a rapid roof failure, roof leaks, and accelerated roof deterioration.


    With Republic Roofing and Restoration, you can be assured that all your roofing problems will be handled with due diligence, professionalism, and precision. In the many years, we’ve been in business, we have earned the reputation of providing prompt and dependable commercial flat roof construction all over Memphis. We have the best contractors in the country whom we vet for quality expertise as well as character before enlisting them. Not to mention that despite being experts in the field, they still undergo mandatory continuous training to strengthen their skills and expertise.

    Our comprehensive maintenance services, including flat roof maintenance, will guarantee that your roof is in optimal condition so it can stand the test of time. As a business, we understand your desire to minimize the cost as you can. In order to help you with that, we provide free full roof inspection and evaluation so we can give you free commercial and industrial roof estimates. We assess your roof pain points and we also clean drains and gutter systems, repair holes and rips, remove accumulated debris, and fix rusted or damaged flashing, aside from our roof repair services.


    Whether your commercial flat roof’s condition is subject for replacement or if you’re looking for a roof contractor to install your flat roof, you can rest assured that Republic Roofing and Restoration will install roofing system with proven quality for your business. With our years of experience on repairing roofs and installing roofing system, we only use the best roofing like PVC flat roofing to ensure long-term value.

    What is PVC Flat Roofing?

    Considered as one of the longest-lasting flat roof coverings available, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) roofing, also known as vinyl roofing, is a lightweight and virtually leak-proof roofing resistant to corrosion and temperature extremes. For commercial roofing with high traffic due to vents or air conditioning systems, a low-maintenance and long-lasting PVC roof is the most suitable. Because a PVC flat roof is heat-welded at the seams, it will rarely come apart like what happens with taped or glued seams. It is also a good choice for a rooftop garden because the likelihood of leakages is greatly reduced.

    Additionally, PVC is a highly flexible material that can expand and contract in warm and cold weather conditions without crimping at the seams. This ensures years of water protection for your roof, making it a premium investment for your business.

    At Republic Roofing and Restoration, our expert professionals deliver top-quality, precision installation services for all your commercial flat roof requirements. Contact us today if you’re looking to install PVC flat roof for your commercial building.


    Should my flat roof be sloped to prevent water pooling?

    If the water evaporates within up to 72 hours, that is acceptable and will not require sloping. We can implement tampered insulation as well as an addition of roof drains to get rid of the pooling water. Sometimes it’s impossible to expel 100% water pooling. If standing water remains for extended periods and additional drainage doesn’t seem to help the situation, then there’s a need for the flat roof to be sloped. It’s important to note that warranties for some roofing systems require sloping.

    How long does a flat roof typically last?

    On average, a flat roof is generally lasts 15 to 20 years with proper and regular maintenance.

    Do I need to maintain my flat roof?

    Just like any other type of roof, your flat roof should be maintained regularly to prevent small problems to become a big, costly problem. All the gutters, as well as the outlets, ought to be cleaned and cleared of debris and leaves regularly to avoid drainage blockage that can eventually result in water pooling and leak. Additionally, it’s wise checking all seams and penetrations from time to time because that is where leaks usually start. We offer these maintenance services to take the stresses of maintaining your flat roof from you.

    How do I know if I should re-cover my current flat roof, or tear it down to the checking?

    If you’re considering re-roofing your building, you have 2 options: either recover over your current roof or tear off the existing membrane as well as insulation down to the roofing deck. Recovering over the current roof hugely cuts down on the costs. When the existing roof is structurally agreeable and without any damage, then a new roof can be laid over the existing one without any issues.

    At Republic Roofing and Restoration, we have been able to undertake as many tear-off projects as recovery projects. We will be glad to come over to your place to assess your commercial flat roof design and advise on the most suitable and cost-effective re-roofing approach to implementing it.

    How do rain and snow run off a flat roof?

    Basically, a flat roof is not made perfectly flat. Instead, a flat roof is always installed with a slight slope to allow snow and rainwater to run down into the gutters.

    Does a white flat roof make the building colder in the winter?

    No, a white roof doesn’t affect the temperature inside in any way during winter. It’s a widely held misconception that a white roof makes a building colder during winter because the roof’s color cannot control and regulate temperature. The thickness of insulation that’s beneath your flat roof is what determines the temperature inside your building when winter starts to bite. Buildings with more insulation can maintain comparatively warmer temperatures than their counterparts with little insulation.


    If you have a commercial flat roof in Memphis TN, you will probably have to deal with a roof leak at one point or the other. At that point, or if your roof starts to act up, you may have to decide how to re-roof your building. Importantly, you’ll need first to understand what’s plaguing your roof and the severity of the situation before deciding on what needs to be done to rectify the issue.

    Keeping your aging building’s maintenance costs down and treating its key components such as the roof-like assets is a wise business decision. If you still rely on reactive maintenance, now is an ideal time to carefully consider the benefits of proper building maintenance by hiring professional roofers for inspections and repairs.

    We at Republic Roofing and Restoration offer our expertise at doing this job to business owners like you. We help you avoid the likelihood of roof failure, prevent serious damage that can shorten the lifespan of your commercial roofs, and ditch expensive repair costs.

    Contact us for more information on how you can take advantage of the expertise of our contractors to restore the optimal functioning of your commercial flat roof. We will be glad to give you a free estimate for commercial flat roof services in Memphis TN.