Getting the Best Roof Warranty

The peace of mind that comes with getting the best roof warranty is invaluable for a homeowner. The roof warranty, however, must ensure you are aware of the protection you are receiving. Here’s a closer look at what makes a rock-solid roofing warranty. Republic Roofing is here to help!


The Whole Roof System Should Be Covered

Roof systems include:

•    Shingles

•    Ventilation

•    Flashing

•    Underlayment

•    Roof Deck

Material selection and installation methods used to construct the roof system impact the specific job of each section. You may not be covered by your roof warranty if you use a nail gun to apply shingles that should be hand-nailed when they must be. If a cheaper substitute is chosen instead of the product called for by the roof warranty, the warranty may be voided.


As the part of your roof that you can see, asphalt shingles are likely to be of particular interest to you. Knowing your shingles’ warranty details is important. Roof shingles usually carry a manufacturer’s warranty, which stipulates specific installation requirements that need to be validated through the manufacturer.


For roof ventilation to qualify for a manufacturer’s warranty, the roof must have adequate ventilation. You can find vents on the ridge and eave, power vents, gable vents, etc. Unlike high-quality ridge vents, power vents may not have the same warranty period as those with more complex motors. Although this is normal, knowing what your warranty entails is always a good thing.


For different roof areas, different flashing types are used. Metal flashing is the most common kind of roofing material, and it is virtually indestructible. Correct installation of flashing is vital since it is installed at the most vulnerable spots on your roof.


Your roof underlayment is the last line of defense for your roof. Water-resistant or waterproof underlayment is required by many shingle manufacturers to warranty their products. The requirements vary by region. Contact your roofing contractor for more information.

Roof Deck

Roof decks are the wooden foundations that support the rest of your roof. You can get water on your roof deck if it is not well protected. Water on the roof deck likely indicates that the other components of the roof system are failing, too. Material and installation choices may be at issue. If you need to use your roof warranty, you may find that some of those decisions weren’t the best.

Quality Products and Expert Installation = Getting the Best Roof Warranty

Your homework has been completed. A whole roof system and a roof warranty should give you an idea of what to expect. But the fact remains that you aren’t a professional roofer – you’re just a busy homeowner looking for a roofer online. You need to figure out what products and companies are best for your roof.

Quality Products

Each manufacturer offers a different warranty. The warranty on a product will not be extended if the company knows it won’t last. Shingles, for example, typically come with a warranty of 20, 25, or 30 years, which means the roof warranty period is limited by the warranty term of the shingles.

Do you expect your roof to come with a lifetime warranty? The products should be of high quality and supported by warranties that are comparable to the life of the roof. A roofing estimate should also explain each product.

Republic Roofing Warranties

Homeowners have the option of upgrading to the Integrity Roof System and the SureStart PLUS Warranty. The following five-star enhancements are available beyond a standard roof warranty:

•    Products are covered for 50 years

•    Labor is covered

•    Coverage is not prorated

•    Coverage is transferrable to a new homeowner

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