Commercial Roof Repair in Memphis TN

Commercial roof repair in Memphis TN should be left to the roofing pros. Your roof is one of the most important parts of your commercial establishment as it serves as the barrier against sunlight, snow, strong wind, rain, branches, debris, and other elements. Every day, your roof is being exposed to harsh weather, strong winds, and other hazards that contribute to its damage and deterioration. Considering the role your roof plays in protecting your commercial building and business assets, this important part of your house should never be overlooked and neglected. While we cannot control its natural wear-and-tear, we can make its lifespan longer by ensuring that it’s properly maintained and repaired whenever needed.

As the most exposed part of a house or building, the roof is the most vulnerable and the most prone to deterioration and damage. Each commercial roof experiences unique issues that may come up from time to time and will require certain types of repairs. From minor roof leaks to major holes, roofs suffer from a number of common damage that demands immediate care and attention. To help you out, here are the most common roofing issues you might encounter that will force you to call for commercial roof repair in Memphis TN service from a top commercial roofing contractor like Republic Roofing & Restoration:

Commercial Roof Repair in Memphis: Common Issues Facing Commercial Owners

  • Clogged Roof Drainage: When water forms little ponds on the gutter of your roof, there is a big possibility that there’s a build-up of debris in your drainage system which causes roof drain clog. Our team of experts can easily assess the problem, unclog your drainage, and give you a better drainage system than ever so you can avoid the rotting of your roof.
  • Improper Installation of Roof Seams: This is often where problems on the roof usually start which commonly caused by improper workmanship. Improper installation of roof seams can cost you money in the long run as it leads to roof problems like leaks, roof failure, and other dangers. With our years of expertise in commercial roofing, our team can completely repair open seams to help you extend the lifespan of your commercial roof and help you avoid other unnecessary expenses due to the poor installation of your roof seams.
  • Roof Punctures and Holes: A roof puncture and hole is a roof issue that requires immediate resolution since punctures and holes expose the roof to leaks, and leaks can cause damage to your entire building and everything in it. Whatever it is that causes your roof punctures, from a person walking over the shingles, a tree limb crashing onto your roof, or a woodpecker drilling holes in the eaves can leave scrapes, puncture marks, or even big holes in that roof, we can repair punctures in your commercial roofs with many different techniques.
  • Roof Caulk and Sealants: Caulks and sealants can cause problems in your commercial roof in several ways, especially if not done properly. If left unfixed, water will most certainly go into your building no matter how durable your roof membranes are so it is imperative to replace deteriorating caulk with a fresh layer to enhance your roof’s protection.
  • Rusted Fasteners: Roof fasteners can expand, and contract more than they should when exposed to moisture. Over time, roof fasteners are being pushed out by this expansion and contraction process. Aside from that, they start rusting with exposure to moisture and, if neglected, the rust spreads down to the roof, causing severe damage. Thus, reinstalling or replacing these fasteners is crucial to maintain the integrity of your commercial roof.
  • Blisters: Roof Blisters often occur when excessive heat damages the roofing materials that cause loss of adhesion and raised area of the roof. When moisture or air is trapped under the layers of roofing, blisters develop which damages your roof. We can help you avoid continuous weakening of your roof by providing you appropriate treatment and maintenance for your roof blisters.

Commercial Roof Repair in Memphis TN: Routine Inspections

When your roof is in poor shape, your commercial establishment can get leaks, develop mold and mildew, and if neglected can cause other major construction problems or harm to people.

Nobody wants to reside in a poorly conditioned living or working environment. So, why wait until your roof starts leaking? Don’t wait till the rainy season to start repairing your roof. We, at Republic Roofing & Restoration, will help you detect and fix any damages before it affects your building and your profits.

Let us look at your roof. At Republic Roofing & Restoration, we provide free inspection and estimate before any repair work is done. We will itemize all needed repairs and give you a complete and accurate assessment of what should be done. If full replacement of your roof is required, we will work with you and help you decide what roofing system would serve you and your commercial building in the best possible way.

Why Choose Commercial Roof Repair in Memphis TN from Republic?

Your roof is one of the most fundamental parts and investment of your commercial building. Proper maintenance and care of your roof are important to help it withstand the harsh weather and other damage-causing elements. Rather than waiting until you have major roof issues, have your roof regularly maintained and repaired by Republic Roofing and experience the following benefits:

Save Money by Avoiding Expensive Replacement Costs

Commercial roof repair in Memphis is undoubtedly less expensive as compared to replacing an entire roofing system. We completely acknowledge the need for commercial property owners to keep their costs to a minimum. At Republic Roofing & Restoration, we firmly recommend making it a rule never to ignore a problem, no matter how small, and start doing repairs as soon as one comes up.

Extend Your Roof Lifespan

Extending the life of your roof will be assured if even the smallest of issues are dealt with as instantly as possible. What may be a small leak, to begin with, can blow up to immense proportions in no time at all. Water can quickly disappear as it is absorbed through the layers of roofing material, causing damage that may go unnoticed for the longest time. That water may travel through the decking, insulation, and several other layers of your roof before cascading through your ceiling or walls. If that incident is not addressed as soon as possible, it could lead to a weakened structure, and expose you to health and safety hazards. This could be quite costly and expensive to deal with in the future.

Permanent Solution to Your Roofing Problems

We carry out routine inspection and maintenance to make sure that your roof can withstand all threats. We can even take care of insects that find their way up to the roof like termites and carpenter ants that eat their way to the eaves and fascia boards on your roof. We will provide a permanent solution to every kind of commercial roofing problem.


How long does it take to finish a commercial roof repair?

This all depends on the season, size, and complexity of your roof. Unforeseen issues like getting rid of your old unit, increasing the size of the roofing crew will need to be considered. It will take us a few days for a small and simple roof while big and complex roof setups will take a little longer to handle.

Do you have an emergency commercial roofing repair service?

Yes, let us know you have an emergency, and we will head over right away. We can also provide you with more personal than those we have on regular repairs to make sure your problem is fixed as urgently as required.

Are repairs an option for my roof?

It is only through inspection that we can determine whether your roof needs repair, replacement, or just maintenance. Potential problems with your roofing system must be identified in time to avoid calling for a repair when the situation has gotten out of hand. Keeping an eye on the state of your roof will save you money in the long term.

Do you offer a warranty for commercial repair work?

Yes, 100%. If in a rare incident that a roof we repaired has relapsed, we will not hesitate to come around and take another look at it.

How much will commercial roof repair in Memphis cost?

This will be determined by your location, season of the year, type of materials needed, size of the building, and labor rates. Generally, the average roof replacement cost varies between $215 and $323 per square meter, which is a lot cheaper compared to replacing your entire roof if roof issues were neglected.

My roofer tells me that additional wood repair might be required; is this normal?

This is normal because it is a recommendation put forth after inspection. It is better to prevent further damage by using additional wood than having to pay for repair repeatedly simply because you did not consider everything, costs notwithstanding. The quality of the materials and the service must be prioritized if you are looking for a repair that will last and provide value for your money.

How hard is it to repair a leaking roof?

It can be as easy as ABC or it can also be highly complex. This depends on the extent of damage, the tools, materials, and techniques to be used. For instance, it is more difficult to locate some roof leaks, especially when water is seen at a ceiling point far from the leak itself compared to small holes that can be easily fixed using a patching system.

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