Dealing with Roof Leaks During the Winter Season

Republic Roofing provides you information for dealing with roof leaks during the winter season. Many places have particularly harsh winters, which can have lasting effects in several ways. So, as the most exposed part of your house, the roof takes the brunt of winter’s cruelty.

Hence, you will be glad to know you can fix a leaking roof even during the freezing winter. However, you will need to read below to learn the fundamentals necessary to repair roof leaks during this tough season.


Possible Roof Problems in the Wintertime 

You may look out for some of these indicators of severe roof damage the cold season can cause:

  • Roof leaks.
  • A sagging ridge line.
  • Wall or plaster cracks because of the added stress on the roof.

It is crucial to be on the lookout for these problems and to address them as soon as possible. Besides, here are some of the most common roofing issues that develop in the winter and the solutions to them:

  • Condensation: 

This effect occurs when heated attic air comes in contact with a cold roof, especially metal. Likewise, poor insulation or ventilation can cause condensation. 

Condensation can cause mildew and mold to grow in your house, weakening other components if left unchecked. This issue is not visible and may go undetected for a long time.

Thus, look for discoloration, mildew, and mold in your attic at least twice a year. 

  • Ice dams: 

When the top of your roof is warmer than the bottom, snow and ice melt and flow, freezing near the roof’s cooler edges. 

Poor insulation and ventilation are the main culprits of this problem. Do you have ice dams on your roof? The best thing to do is to hire a specialist to examine the roof and advise you. Removing ice dams is a complicated task you should not do alone.

  • Leaky flashings: 

Flashings may cause roof leaks. They safeguard vulnerable roof portions and are essential. However, these pieces are equally susceptible to damage, especially in winter. Ice and snow can cause moisture problems in step flashings, causing more grave damage to your property.

But, this issue is easy to avoid. In this sense, check your flashings inside and out. Seams must face downhill while installing flashing to prevent water filtering.

  • Branches: 

Winter storms can break overgrown tree branches, creating roof fractures and leaks. So, trimming tree limbs will prevent this issue. Your roof should be 3-4 feet or one meter from the limbs. 

  • Animals:

Your house may harbor animals seeking warmth during the cold season. So, winters may transform your house into a zoo! Rats, squirrels, bats, birds, and raccoons exhibit this behavior most often. If you have this issue, these animals may be in your attic.

Regular inspections must include the following:

  • Discarded food
  • Signs of animals’ burrowing
  • Holes in your home
  • Chewed wood

Animals often nest under roofs. Therefore, you must remove any animal signs immediately. Do not patch holes since confining them will cause more damage.

Ice accumulations: Snow and ice buildups can cause leaky roofs. To determine if your home has this problem, check for warning indicators such as:

  • Significant wall cracks
  • Stuck interior doors
  • Creaking or cracking noises

Usually, a long-handled rake can remove rooftop snow. If you fix this yourself, do not use tools that damage shingles, and employ the necessary safety equipment. Also, avoid pulling snow on yourself.

Avoid Winter Roof Problems

You will avoid roofing problems during winter by watching out for these crucial factors:

Ventilation: This factor prevents warm air from escaping the chilly roof in winter. Ideally, attic ventilation should be at least one square foot every 300 square feet.

Insulation: It helps control temperature. Currently, blown-in insulation is more common than roll insulation since it is more effective.

Inspection: Property owners should conduct a roof inspection at least twice a year. Also, do this after a storm to detect issues immediately.

Stay Safe During Winter

Winterizing your roof is a crucial preventive measure. Safety comes first, so do not wait until a leaky roof worsens. Besides, do not look for roof leaks during harsh weather. You must call a professional in this situation!

Remind that Republic Roofing provides roof inspections after hailstorms or extreme weather! If your roof is 10–15 years old, get it evaluated yearly! Unnoticed roof deterioration might cause costly interior damage. 

Call a local roofer for a free inspection to ensure your property is secure before a natural calamity occurs. The team of Republic’s experts can help you determine if your roof needs repairs. We provide affordable roof repairs, replacements, cleaning, and insurance claim support! 

For more information, contact Republic Roofing at 901-437-5278. We service Lakeland, Germantown, Bartlett, Memphis, and Collierville, TN areas.