Questions You Must Ask Roofing Contractors

Questions You Must Ask Roofing Contractors. Performing a roofing project is a complex activity. Regardless of it is a roof repair or installation, the security of your home is in play. Besides, this type of work involves many factors to consider. Thus, you should not place your roof in the wrong hands.

How can you find the right roofing contractor? Making the right questions to the possible roofing contractors is the key. You can use the best materials. But, if you don’t hire an experienced and professional company, your roof, your pocket, and your family security will pay the consequences.

Thus, we’ll tell you what to ask your roofer before allowing anybody to get up to your roof.

Questions You Must Ask Roofing Contractors

6 Things You Need to Know About Your Roofing Contractor

These roofer questions can make or break your home upgrade. All of them are important. So, do not forget to ask them when hiring a roofer.

1. How Long Have You Been Repairing and Installing Roofs? 

When you give a critical job to a very experienced person, you feel peace of mind, isn’t it? The same occurs in the roofing industry. 

Did you find a roofer with decades of experience? Then, you can expect he will be able to deal with any issue out there. From materials to the local weather, roofing projects involve many details and variables. So, only trained and vastly experienced roofers overcome the challenges that these complex projects use to hide.

Therefore, ask how long the roofing company has been in business. Ask for a list of its projects. Ask for evidence of all this. 

2. Are You Licensed and Insured? 

A license states that a roofer is properly trained. Also, it shows that it has enough experience and knows the local building code. So, any professional roofer will have in force and up-to-date licenses and insurance. Some states require licensing to roofing companies. However, some roofers are not so serious about their line of work and don’t keep their licenses valid.

So, kept at bay any roofing contractor without a valid license.

Likewise, a roofing contractor without proper insurance can protect neither your property nor his workers. In case of an accident, you can end having to assume legal responsibilities and paying a lot of money.

Is the contractor uninsured? Cross them out right now!

3. Is There a List of References and Previous Jobs I Could Take a Look At? 

Even if your roofing contractor tells you that he has many years of experience, you cannot trust only their word. Before hiring them, you must check what his previous clients say about his work.

It is a good idea to contact the local Better Business Bureau. You can see if prior clients registered complaints against them there. Also, you can solicit to them a list of previous jobs and references and check them out.

Are they willing to provide you with such a detailed list? Excellent! This fact alone would say a lot about them. Additionally, check their social media sites. Nowadays, many people use these sites to express their opinions about contractors’ services.

4. Do You Have Both a Physical Address and a Website? 

Would you trust the services of a business you cannot find physically? The dominance of the internet prevails. However, in the roofing business, the virtual presence is not enough. Roofing companies should also have physical addresses where clients can expose their issues and inquiries. Homeowners will need a place where to be attended in person.

Also, they should have an up-to-date and functional website. This site should provide relevant information about the company, which will make them look professional.

All the information on the website should be correct. Verify this to see if you are dealing with a reliable company.

5. Do You Outsource Your Workers or Do It All by Yourself?

From time to time, roofing contractors have to outsource personnel. There’s nothing wrong with it. However, many homeowners tend to be cautious about these contractors. Frequently, they hire inexperienced workers, trying to save money.

Thus, check if the subcontractors are insured and licensed. Besides, they should be qualified to work on roofing projects to avoid any problems.

6. Will You Put Everything We Agree On in Writing?

The contractor should sign a documented proposal. Without a written contract, we have nothing to rely on. 

A trustworthy business does not work this way. We can’t just shake hands and expect them to keep their half of the deal. 

In this sense, make sure you have everything on paper. Include the work scope, the start and end dates, payment information, and all necessary to leave everything clear. Let’s be on the safe side!

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