Metal vs Slate Roofing

Republic Roofing is here to explain metal vs slate roofing. The roof is not something you can change every year. Roofs are constructed to remain long-lasting. Metal and slate are the two best materials for building the top. However, the choice between these two materials depends upon various factors. Here is the comparison between metal and slate roofing to help you make your decision:


Reasons to choose slate roofing

Slate consists of fine-grained, dense rock cut into the slabs for roofing. They are available in different sizes and shapes. Here are the following benefits of slates discussed below:

Strong and durable 

Slate has been present under the earth’s surface for a long time, so it has the best durability of any other material. Due to its less absorption of moisture and high density, it can last for more than 100 years if installed correctly. Moreover, the color and texture of the roof remain the same, so you don’t need to worry about the discoloration, and with less maintenance, it can last for a long time.

Environmentally friendly

The slate roof does not release any harmful material in the environment during its production, and even in continuous exposure to sunlight, they maintain their non-volatile nature. Recycling this material is possible since it has good durability, so you won’t need to change it after a short time interval.

Attractive to homeowners and potential home buyers

Slate roofing is available in different colors, sizes, and shapes to meet the market’s it makes your house attractive for the buyers. Because of its outstanding and unmatchable features, it is an excellent long-term investment for the homeowner. It also has a long-time warranty so you can also save the expense of replacement. Potential buyers always prefer the roof with low maintenance, high durability, and good looking to keep their money in the future.

Why choose metal roofing?

Aluminum, copper, steel, and zinc are the prominent metal types used as roofing materials. Here are the following reasons to choose metal roofing:

Strong and durable

Metal roofing is durable in all weather conditions, and you can also quickly wall on it. Moisture does not affect the metal roofing, and it also resists the growth of molds, fungi, and other things related to the humidity. Metal roofing is wind and fire-resistant; its interlocking panels remain intact during strong wind or storms. And they do not catch fire from the surroundings easily.

Versatile design

A wide variety of metal roofing materials is available in the market. They exist in various colors, shapes, and designs. People can choose metal roofing according to their taste, and they are also available in the patterns of traditional materials, including shingles, wood, and slate.


Since metal roofing is a bit more expensive than other roofing materials available in the market, it still costs less than slate. Due to being light in weight and easy to install, it cost you less labor expense. Moreover, metal roofing is a long-time investment and will save you money. It also requires less maintenance and does not cause roofing problems than other roofing materials. It involves replacement almost after 50 to 60 years and, as a result, saves your replacement expenses.

Environmentally friendly

Metal roofing is recyclable, and its production process is also environmentally friendly. During the replacement of the roof, you can easily recycle material disposal. Some roofers even install a new metal roof over the pre-existing top to save the removal of the material.

It keeps your house well insulated during different weather conditions and keeps it isolated from pests and other external factors.

Factors to consider when deciding on a metal roof v/s slate

There are the following factors you should consider before making the decision:

·       Consider the condition of your house first, whether it’s able to bear the weight of the slate roofing or not.

·       Also, consider the architectural design of your house before choosing the material.

·       Budget is an essential factor to consider before choosing the material, as slate roofing can cost you more.

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