How Can Heat and Sunlight Damage My Commercial Roof?

Are you wondering “how can heat and sunlight damage my commercial roof? Republic Roofing can help you out. Most business roofs are not visible from the ground. Probably, when you go in and out of your company every day, you don’t think about your roof. But, if it has any problems, you will surely notice them!

If water pours through your ceiling and onto your office, sales, or production floor after heavy rain, you will detect it. 


Nobody would like to deal with roof repair or replacement when experiencing an emergency. So, it makes sense to be up to date on the state of your commercial roof. Only by performing regular inspections, can you make informed decisions and avoid costly roof repairs. 

We are already in the summer season. Therefore, we will see the impact of sun and heat on your commercial roof.

Can Your Roof Get a Sunburn?

Your roof will not suffer a sunburn. After all, it is not skin! However, your business roof’s materials are vulnerable to solar damage over time.

Sunlight’s UV rays destroy roofing materials over time. Even cloudy days and milder climates don’t stop UV rays from reaching your roof. Besides, asphalt and tar are vulnerable to UV light, which progressively affects their chemical makeup. 

During the breakdown, some oily liquid escapes. This fact makes the material brittle and prone to cracking or tearing. Also, it can lead to energy inefficiency and water leakage. 

Likewise, protective coatings or sealants on commercial roofs can collect radiation and wear out under the sun.

On the other hand, metal or EDPM membranes are more resistant to UV radiation and have a longer lifespan. So, keep that in mind when upgrading your business roofing.

Heat Effects on Roofing Materials

Have you ever been under a commercial roof on a sunny day? If so, you know it can get sweltering. Sustained summer heat can affect the life of your roof, even if it is made to resist higher temperatures. 

If heat builds up in your business or building’s attic, your air conditioner will have to work harder. Consequently, your energy expenses will also rise. 

Here are several heat-related roof effects on roofing materials:

  • Expansion and contraction:

Heat makes materials expand. But, when night falls and temperatures drop, these materials contract. Day after day, this continual expansion and contraction might harm your roof’s surface.

  • Pressure on roof seams and fasteners:

The mentioned contraction and expansion cycles stress fasteners and seams, causing them to shift. This might lead to seams splitting or losing fasteners, which affects the roof’s stability.

  • Dampness:

Do you live in the Southeast? Undoubtedly, your HVAC system will work more in the summer. Most business HVAC systems are on the roof. Therefore, condensation commonly condenses there. This leads to moisture-related problems, algae development, and future leaks.

  • Warping and cracking:

Sunlight quickly warms materials such as plastic and polyvinyl, which are common on business roofs. Thermal shock cycles may destabilize, distort, and shatter materials. But summer heat can also cause this. Metal flashing or brackets can distort or become brittle, causing leaks and breakage.

How to Prevent These Issues on Your Commercial Roof

The South’s sun and summer heat are unavoidable. But you can reduce the damage to your business’s roof from summer weather in several ways:

  • Inspect your roof each year:

Have a professional evaluate your roof at least once per year. Check seams for gaps and plastic or membranes for cracking or curling. If your roofer finds any damage, get it repaired promptly. Besides, you may want to consider a roof restoration to extend its life.

  • Ventilate your roof:

Your roof needs proper ventilation to breathe, so check your commercial roof’s ventilation. If it does not have the correct intake and exhaust vents, a roofer specialist can add them.

  • Add heat-resistant coating protection:

Heat-resistant coatings protect business roofs from the sun and heat. A heat-resistant coating may protect your roof from UV damage and thermal shock and delay its aging process.

Hire a Commercial Roofing Contractor:

If you don’t know how to check, maintain, or fix the roof of your business, hire a local, licensed contractor. Who is the best commercial roofer in TN? Republic Roofing, of course!

Choose Republic Services for Your Commercial Roofing Needs

What makes Republic Roofing the leading roofing contractor in Tennessee? 

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