The 8 Most Popular Roofing Styles Across the States

The 8 most popular roofing styles across the States. from Republic Roofing. Having the right roof can make a lot of difference in how your home looks and functions. Depending on the kind of housing you prefer and the climatic conditions of the place you stay in, you would want a roof that lasts longer and is well protected against storms, extremes weather, and water collection, among others. If you are looking to get a new roof, here are the different types you can choose from:


1. Gable Roofs: These are traditional kinds of roofs, and they usually feature two sides that slant and meet at 90 degrees at the highest point to form a triangular covering on the house structure. They are an extremely versatile roof style and are preferred in snowy and rainy regions for their ability to drive down the snow and rain on the slanted sides. 

2.  Hipped Roofs: The difference between a gable roof and the hipped roof is that in the latter, the ridge at the top is formed by four sides. This shape is extremely useful in regions susceptible to storms and high winds because they provide more stability to the home’s structure thanks to the even weight distribution. Because the hipped roofs are shallower than the gable, there is more attic space available. 

3. Flat Roofs: These are the kinds of roofs you will often find atop buildings in urban and semi-urban areas. They are not entirely flat, but they have a slight angle to allow the water to move towards the drain. Though they are not a good option in snow and rain-heavy climates, their major advantage is their exceptional longevity. They can last up to 50 years. Also, they provide additional space for storage on the flat roof and extended outdoor living space for the residents. 

4. Shed Roofs: These roofs consist of a single plane that angles downwards and are more suitable in homes where one of the walls is higher than the other. They are a form of modern architecture and are a great option for you if you are looking for a minimalistic design for your home. One of their benefits is that they allow an ample amount of natural light enters your home. Additionally, shed roofs also provide options to fix windows high up on the roofs. 

5.  Gambrel Roof: It is also known as the barn roof, and this symmetric roof consists of two slanted sides. The slanted sides on both sides have a steep lower slope and a shallow upper slope. They usually have wooden shingles and houses with gambrel roofs are reminiscent of colonial America. They provide plenty of space at the top, to convert to a full-fledged attic. But these types of roofs are not ideal in extreme weather conditions. 

6. Pyramid Roof: As the name suggests, this is a form of the hipped roof but shaped like a pyramid. The roof has four triangular slopes that join at the top to form a peak. These are popular roofing options for gazebos, sheds, and garages. Like the hipped roof, they are highly durable due to equal weight distribution on all sides of the house. Therefore, these roofs can withstand heavy winds and extreme weather conditions.

7. Butterfly Roof: Also known as the V Roof, it is a modern design for a roof and resembles lifted wings that slope inwards. Whether they are symmetrical or asymmetrical, these roofs are aesthetic to look at and often stand out from the neighboring roofs. These roofs are suitable in drier climates because they enable water collection and storage. Note that this kind of roof does not have gutters, so the water flows down the valley and can be stored in a holding tank. 

8. Saltbox Roof: This kind of roofing is mostly seen in New England. It is a type of gable roof and consists of two asymmetrical slopes, one longer and the other shorter. These are useful in regions with heavy rainfall, as the steep slope helps in draining down the water. But the disadvantage is that the longer slope cuts into the indoor space. 

Which Roofing Style is Best Suited for You?

A major factor that determines the best roofing style is the region where you live. After that comes the cost. If you are confused about the right roofing style to pick, it is best to get in touch with our roofing professionals. Get in touch with Republic Roofing in Collierville, Bartlett, and Germantown, TN today to know your best options. Call us at 901-437-5278 and get a FREE consultation and a cost estimate.