5 Things That Make Our Single Ply Roofing Systems Ideal for a Commercial Building

5 Things That Make Our Single Ply Roofing Systems Ideal for a Commercial Building. What differentiates our single-ply roofing systems from ordinary systems available on the market is the type and quality of single-ply roofing membranes we use. We offer the top-performing and the finest quality single-ply roofing systems on the market. Let’s see how. 

We always rely on the most experienced and trusted manufacturers like Duro-Last® to source our single-ply membranes. Our manufacturers have already provided billions of sq. ft. of the membrane that has been installed across the U.S. Furthermore, we prefer manufacturers with a proven track record of providing top quality products, dedicated customer service, and excellent industry expertise. For this reason, we at Republic Roofing prefer to partner with the leading names in the industry Duro-Last® for complete peace of mind. 


1. Optimum Thickness 

High-quality Single Ply Roofing systems come in various thicknesses like 40-mil, 50-mil, and 60-mil. With an extra top performance layer, our single-ply systems can easily outperform any ordinary system available on the market. Our extra thick membranes offer superior protection against harmful UV radiation, mechanical damage, and heavy rains, thereby, extending the shelf life of your roofing system dramatically. 

2. Prefabrication Options 

Our Single Ply Roofing Membrane is one of the few products out there that can be prefabricated in an optimized factory environment. This ensures top-notch quality, best performance, and stunning-looking products. Additionally, prefabrication can significantly reduce your rooftop labor that translates into better efficiency, lower expenses, and faster results. 

3. A Huge Variety of Accessories 

Single-ply roofing systems come with the most comprehensive range of prefabricated accessories such as pipe stands and skylights, air vents, drains, curbs, stacks, and corners, among others. 

4. Unrivalled Warranties 

What makes our products stand apart in this highly competitive industry are our unmatched warranties on our roofing systems. Furthermore, we also provide adequate coverage for any consequential damage to commercial roofing.

5. Widest Selection of Colors

Our single-ply membranes are available in a myriad of colors. So, regardless of the design and architectural style of your property, you’ll be able to find an ideal roof to meet your needs and style preferences. All our products, including single-ply roofing membranes, meet the required standards of national fire and wind codes as well as regional requirements across the country.

In Conclusion:

At Republic Roofing, we leave no stone unturned to provide the absolute best for our clients. That’s why we work with leading specialists to ensure top-quality products and services. Our single-ply roofing systems have delivered exceptional performance and longevity, every single time, meeting the highest quality standards. To learn more, simply give Republic Roofing a call at 901-437-5278 to schedule a consultation today in Collierville, or Memphis, TN.