Ways Skylights Can Transform Your Commercial Space

If you’re looking for a simple yet effective way to infuse a new life in your office space or commercial building, just install some skylights at strategic places and see how the space will transform instantly. Unlike artificial lighting, high-quality skylights will not only brighten up your office space but will also enhance the environment and make your business more productive. 

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Skylights have been an effective way to brighten up any indoor space for many decades now. And there’s a huge array of commercial skylight options available for your business. Some of the most popular designs are ventilating, fixed, and tubular, skylights, among others. 


Also known as roof windows, ventilating skylights can be operated easily. If you want to lighten up a dim space, go for skylights with the flared light shaft. On the other hand, straight light shafts are a good option for flat ceilings or for areas where ceiling space is not sufficient for larger skylights. You can also consider low-E glass skylights for even better energy efficiency and comfort all year round. 

Top Advantages of Skylights for Your Business 

1. Boosts Mood & Reduces Stress

Research has shown that natural lighting is good for your health in many ways. Regular exposure to Natural light can help reduce anxiety, improve eyesight, reduce stress levels, benefit eyesight, and may even minimize seasonal affective disorder. Natural light has been shown to boost the overall sense of well-being in people. 

2. Improved Productivity

Having skylights installed at the most important places in your commercial building can also help increase yours as well your employees’ productivity. The reason is that exposure to natural lighting can help your employees feel more motivated and positive. Skylights can help create a perfect environment for employees to come up with new ideas. They can also make your employees more productive to meet deadlines quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, they can help improve the physical and mental health of your employees that can significantly reduce their sick days. These benefits will certainly boost the bottom line of your business. 

3. Energy Savings 

Skylights can help you cut down your business costs. When you have a skylight installed in your building, you won’t feel the need for artificial lights during business hours. The electricity needed for artificial lighting comprises a significant part of most businesses’ energy bills. With skylights, you can save some serious money on your monthly power bills. Moreover, since you’ll be using your artificial lights lesser than usual, your light bulbs will last longer. 

4. Maintains Privacy

Many business owners do not pay enough attention to the privacy aspect of their businesses. However, unlike traditional businesses, today’s businesses are near each other. So, having large windows can compromise your privacy and your neighbors might get to know your business secrets. In such a scenario, having a skylight is a much better option. They allow plenty of natural light in your office without sacrificing your privacy in any way. 

5. Environmentally friendly 

Apart from uplifting your mood, increasing productivity, reducing electricity expenses, and maintaining privacy, skylight helps in the conservation of our precious natural resources. They can help you reduce your carbon footprint by minimizing the need for CO2-producing systems in your organization. In colder months, the warmth and light entering through your skylights can also cut down the energy required to heat up your commercial building. 

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