The Lifecycle of a Shingle Roof

The Lifecycle of a Shingle Roof. Most Collierville homeowners go through this step once in their lifetime and that is roof replacement. So it is quite natural if you start wondering how long your shingle roof can last and when you would have to get it changed.  However, so far there is no set formula … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Flat Roof Systems

Republic Roofing gives you a comprehensive guide to flat roof systems. Flat roofs aren’t the most usual roofing systems. However, modern homes have moderately steep pitches, and some older housing stocks have very low slopes. Likewise, some commercial and industrial buildings also employ flat roofs. There’s a lot to know about these roofs. Thus, we … Read more

4 Common Reasons Why Your Roof Is Leaking

Republic Roofing wants you to know 4 common reasons why your roof is leaking. Roof leaks are actually more dangerous than people think. From deteriorating your attic’s insulation to causing moisture-related issues like mold and moss growth in your home, roof leaks can even compromise the structural integrity of your home if left unattended. There … Read more

What are Architectural Shingles?

What are Architectural Shingles? With seemingly endless roofing materials to choose from for your Collierville, TN home, deciding which roofing is the best for your home can be difficult. In choosing a roofing material, it’s critical that you investigate several factors like cost, durability, composition, and warranty to ensure that it will be a worthwhile … Read more