Commercial Re-Roofing

A new, high-quality commercial roof is being installed by professional roofing contractors.

Re-roofing is a reality that every property owner will have to face eventually. Whether your roof has been damaged by severe weather or is just reaching the end of its useful life, Republic Roofing & Restoration has you covered.
Don’t wait until the last minute to replace your damaged low-slope or flat roof. Putting off reroofing your property can lead to structural damage, and the loss of expensive interior furniture and equipment. Having a high-quality roof expertly installed by one of Republic Roofing & Restoration’s experienced contractors will end up saving you money in the long-run with a roof that will last for decades to come.

If you experience any of these problems in your commercial roof, you should call for a free damage analysis as soon as possible:

  • Standing water
  • Signs of water damage
  • Damaged flashing or shingles
  • Cracks or bubbles in roofing material

Commercial re-roofing is a big job that frequently involves replacing acres of rooftop. Be sure to pick a company with the experience and the resources to get it done right. Republic Roofing & Restoration has been installing commercial roofing for decades. Old buildings, new construction, retro-fit, low-slope, we’ve done it all. We have a variety of materials and systems to choose from, including EPDM rubber membrane roofs, traditional built-up asphalt roofs, and TPO Reflective roofs. An experienced representative will help determine which material is best for your property.

If it’s time to replace your commercial roof, contact one of our experienced representatives to start the process. We will determine the best course of action for replacing your old roof, and take you through the process step-by-step.

We will:

  • Establish the existing condition of the roof
  • Determine the best material and design for your project
  • Safely remove your old roof
  • Remove and replace any damaged membranes or insulation
  • Expertly install the new roof
  • All while keeping your building dry and operational during renovation
    • Republic Roofing & Restoration is dedicated to providing our customers with accurate, reliable, and affordable commercial re-roofing services in the Memphis TN and Nashville TN areas. Contact us today for a free project analysis and job estimate.

Republic is committed to being responsible and eco-friendly!

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