Fire Restoration

If your home or commercial property has been affected by water damage, it is crucial that you take action immediately. Flooding can ruin furnishings and carpeting, and lead to structural problems as well as dangerous mold. In the case of a sewage backup, the area must be thoroughly sanitized to eliminate hazardous pathogens. In many cases, water cleanup is best left to professionals.

Republic Roofing & Restoration offers commercial and residential water restoration services in the Knoxville TN and Nashville TN areas. We specialize in quick and comprehensive water removal. Using specialized equipment, we can completely dry and sanitize your damaged property, including wood floors, carpet, basements, cabinets, and walls.

As a licensed general contractor in Tennessee, Texas, Arkansas, and South Carolina, we are able to not only dry your property but repair it to its full pre-exposure condition. From drywall and insulation to roofs and gutters, we can take care of every step of the renovation process.

If your property has been subjected to damaging severe weather, burst pipes, a flooded basement, or an overflowing toilet, contact Republic Roofing & Restoration today.

We offer the following commercial and residential water restoration services:

  • Commercial and residential large loss estimating
  • Emergency water removal
  • Water extraction
  • Antimicrobial treatments
  • Commercial and residential cleanup
  • Insurance claim consultation
  • Mold mitigation and remediation

Our mobile operations team is on-call 24 hours a day in order to provide you service when you need it, regardless of the time of day. Contact us today for a loss assessment and insurance claim assistance.